Roll Call: Virginia

Cheese Shop is hard to get to and usually a wait. I will honestly say that I have never had a bad meal at Peter Changs but I’ve only been to the one in Williamsburg once or twice so could be a location thing. The service could be better sometimes I will concede but the food is always great. I usually get Bamboo fish, Dan Dan noodles, and dry fried eggplant occasionally will mix in the bubble pancake and/or hot pot.


Wife and I went to W&M, live in Richmond, oldest daughter goes to W&M now. She has us take her to Amber Ox quite a bit. It’s pretty good (avoid the pork chop). Blue Talon is a nice place for a really special occasion. We go to Paul’s quite a bit, but it’s just for the memories. The food is ok. Spice Palace is pretty good cheap Indian food. Aticha is good for Thai.


Shout out to Peirce’s BBQ- no beer but famous locations

You all are awesome, thank you!!

Weather and availability permitting we’re hoping to play Colonial Heritage the first day, that night is probably where we’re looking for the best meal. We’re staying at Greensprings Resort.

Next day is Stonehouse first then Kiskiack in the afternoon then probably burgers and passing out. Hopefully time for casual lunch at Stonehouse in between

Royal New Kent is the last one we’re playing then maybe grab a beer on the way out of town.

Real excited for the trip, will report back.


Played colonial Heritage last time down there

Couldn’t believe the elevation changes on some of the holes

In general, I forget how some of those courses somehow feel like mountain layouts


They do to me whenever I get a chance to escape the flat courses in Virginia Beach.


yo…you got any interest in a Ryder Cup home/home type deal? Maybe one sat down here and one up there? That could be arranged quite easily.


Yeah I am down with that sounds like a good time

pretty much any saturday afternoons work for us. Long as they have a HC we can make just about anything work with match points and stuff like that. Max said he’s in for sure.

Anyone know what Spring Creek’s tee time policy is for non-members? I’ve been looking to get a time on a Friday but every time I look online all the Friday/Saturday/Sunday times are blocked out.