Roll Call: South Carolina Golfers

The Muni no longer allows advanced booking. They won’t respond to the emails, at least they didn’t respond to the 3 I sent. Create an account and login at 7am 7 days in advance of the day you want to play to ensure you get a time you’d like. Morning times book up in the first few minutes.

The greens are so much fun

The road on 10/17/18 sucks

Good luck!


We just played Muni on Monday and it is so awesome. Easily one of my favorite public courses. The greens were a little more receptive because of the recent rain. Even if you can’t get a tee time, I’m sure they can work you in as a single.

However if you dont get a car, it’s a huge hassle to get ubers from Kiawah. It’s a 40+ minute ride to the Muni. If you are staying at a Kiawah property you might get a discount on the other round. I’d probably just go that route for convenience

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All good info here. Reach out when it gets closer and I’ll help you fine tune the visit if you’d like. 36 at the OC is pretty tight in my experience. Course can change a lot during the day if the weather gets spicy.

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Appreciate all the info! We haven’t decided on renting a car yet as the trip is still coming together. I will definitely reach back out when it gets a little closer. Thank you!

Hey all, I’m moving back to SC after an extended stay in the Northeast. Very excited about the return of ~yearround golfing. I’ll be living in the Greenville area but have family ties to both the North Augusta area and the southern end of the Grand Strand.

Definitely looking for recommendations of courses in the Greenville/Upstate area – I went to Clemson and love the Walker Course but want to find a few viable places closer to where I’ll be living – but also don’t know if there’s a mailing list for local events that I can join.


Welcome back. As a native with my entire family in New England, I like to see this! And of course, Go Tigers! Class of '07 here.

Greenville public golf is kind of tough. Furman’s course is the winner for favorite I would say. Private courses depend on budget. GCC, Thornblade, Green Valley, Holly Tree all come to mind as well as some other outer clubs.

If you want to get included in our Roost events @EZmiss can get you set up there.


Added you to the Roost. Should have access to our area (if you scroll up I’ve posted it a few times. On my phone and can’t right now.). We’ve got an intro area, links to the slack, and we’ll post all the meet ups there.

Welcome to the Society. I’m sorry we have to add another Disciple of the Upstate Lord.

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Welcome back!

I’m a member out at Three Pines which puts country back in country club. But the course is great and the price can’t be beat. Happy to have you out any time. I post opportunities to the Greenville tee times chat on Slack pretty regularly.

There are a lot of folks on the Spartanburg side of Greer who like Willow Creek (slowest rounds) and Woodfin Ridge. Both acceptable public tracks. Furman is king though for sure. There are a couple guys @Crablegs and @abefroman who are out at The Preserve of Verdea if you are at the south end of Greer which is by far the most convenient public track that way.



Go Tigers! Class of '13 and spent another couple of years there working for the newspaper in Seneca so I got to cover the first trip to the national title game in '15. Very excited to make football games a more regular occurrence.

Yeah, I’m definitely excited to see the Furman course because I’d already heard about the lack of good public options, especially for walking. GCC and Thornblade definitely aren’t in the budget, but I might kick the tires on more affordable private options. Any insight on Fox Run?

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Have known guys at Fox Run over the years. It’s a decent enough golf course and the money is probably right. Not sure about the waitlist. It all depends on where you’ll be living.

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Furman by far is the best public. Post in the slack, there’s a greenville tee times section, and I’m sure someone will join. Play at verdae due to location convenience, walkable but hilly. Usually play 9 holes on Sunday around noon to take advantage of nap time. Welcome to join @Crablegs and I.


Don’t know much about fox run but I’ve heard a friend, who is a member, say the members are great and they have some good events.

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Fox Run is good for the money. Know a member out there and they have a good active membership. Just depends where you plan on living.

Joined the slack and don’t see this, am I blind?

You have to go to channels>Add Channel>tee-times-Greenville

Might as well add them all so you can hit up other locales if you’re traveling.


I’m having trouble joining the Slack. Never used it before (my workplace uses Teams) so it definitely could be operator error. Does my email address need to be added before I can gain access?

@hwb can you help?

I’m over 40 so useless with technology

nope. if you just use the link you should be okay. can you try this link? Slack

That worked! Thanks!

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Popping in here to ask a SC travel question. Heading to Charleston area in April, what’s a better location outside Charleston proper Folly Beach or Isle of Palms? Family trip.