Roll Call: South Carolina Golfers

Are you made of money?

If so, Isle of Palms.


I am not. Still looks like theres a couple a decent amount of affordable VRBO offerings in my range. Folly beach looks a little better stocked with options though.

Isle of palms is more family friendly especially if you don’t mind dropping the cash on wild dunes or even Sweetgrass inn. Our family stayed there with their baby last year and loved it. The pool is very kid friendly and it’s an easy walk to the beach.

If you were coming without kids or they are older, I’d prefer Folly. It’s more of a party town, with fun bars and restaurants

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11 year old kid coming along. Not sure hes ready to party yet! Party town are we talking inundated with drunk college kids, or more so just laid back relax fun type vibe?

Both are nice and have lots to do. Personally, folly is sweet. Just more low-key and has kind of a beachtown/hippy vibe.

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Folly you are also significantly closer with easier access to the Charleston Muni and Kiawah if that’s the way the wind takes you


I dont see any reason I wouldnt drag the clubs along, so thats a factor!

Grandma/Wife/Kid are probably flying in with me driving so we avoid dealing with a rental car and that expense. 12.5 hours is an easy days drive!

Probably a little bit of both. Especially if it is spring break. I love folly, and think it’s really cool and unique. If you do stay at Folly, the Muni is only 15 minutes away. If you end up at isle of palms, they have two courses. Links is much better but $$$. Harbor is incredibly tight but is nice and has some cool views

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Looking at spring break schedule for major colleges/universities pretty much every one is done by the end of March so I’d think we miss a lot of that issue. HS spring breaks are another issue I suppose that I can’t really do much to account for when they take place.

Folly Beach appears much closer to Charleston proper, driving time wise so that seems a plus

Our high school spring break was in March, so you should be good. I don’t think you can go wrong either way.

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Hi all,

Will be in Charleston from OH (don’t worry, I’m not moving down like seemingly every other person from OH) in mid-March with a few days to kill. Looking for a couple courses to play around there besides the Muni. Thoughts?


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It’s so funny to me about the Ohio jokes when I see 10x more NY/NJ plates around town.

Assuming you don’t have a hookup at a private club, I would play the Muni multiple times.

I used to think the 4ish stellar finishing holes at patriots point were worth enduring the poor conditions, but I went looking for tee times last October and they were asking one hundred and twenty American dollars per player and I haven’t considered it since. You can play Wild Dunes at that price, which may actually be worth it. Maybe?

Unfortunately our public golf options(aside from the Muni) aren’t great. It depends where you are staying. Stono ferry, dunes west, rivertowne, and wild dunes links are the best non kiawah courses. Obviously ocean course is amazing but it’s pricey

Unfortunately, it sounds like, no private connections. May just end up playing the Muni a few times! Thanks!

Hello everyone. I will be staying in Columbia the weekend before the Master’s (have practice round tickets Monday) and would love to hear everyone’s suggestions for courses in the area? My brother and I are also down to play with anyone here Friday or Saturday of April 5th/6th. We are going to play Aiken GC Sunday most likely. Thanks!

Cobblestone is probably the best public option in the area, Golden Hills is quirky but fun imo. CC of Lexington if you have any private connects and get on is my favorite in the area.


Thanks for the recs Mark

Most clubs in town open up for public play during masters week. Columbia CC, CC of Lexington and Camden CC are your best options to try out. If you don’t mind driving 50 minutes from downtown, Orangeburg CC is a great option too.

For public play, Cobblestone and Northwoods/the Spur are probably the best options.

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Look into Fort Jackson too. Believe they open up during Masters week too but that might have changed.


Hey neighbors. Come out and camp with us this summer.