Roll Call: South Carolina Golfers

Hey fellas, as the new Captain of the Carolinas chapter of the RACDG if you want to join the What’s App thread, DM me your phone number.

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Probably a stupid question but what is RACDG?

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Royal and Ancient Company of Dishonorable Golfers.

Sign up is here


Tsk, call yourself a Refugee! :man_shrugging:t4:

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Pick whatever you want. That’s how I did it.

I think Pawley’s Plantation and Tidewater are low key great courses, but not discussed much. Links O Tryon though would qualify as a hidden gem IMO.


Gonna be in Hilton Head late June/early July. Would this be the right thread to post if I’m looking for people to play somewhere?

Is Harbor Town worth the price?

Harbour Town is legit. It’s pricey, but it lives up to the reputation and has a good vibe.

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you haven’t lived until you bounce a few balls off the railroad ties on 13

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Hi South Carolina Refugees!

I will be in your state all next week for work. Sadly no golf will be able to happen. We are going to based in Gaffney for the whole week (which, well, there’s not much going on there aside from the giant peach water tower). Looks like Spartanburg is our closest civilization.

If you have any recommendations for good places to grab a bite/beer in the greater Gaffney/Spartanburg area please throw them my way. Me and my 2 coworkers thank you kindly in advance.


What kind of food do y’all like. There are definitely some good greasy spoon options. Spartanburg is about 25 minutes away from me.

We enjoy some good “bar food/atmosphere” and also just good food - good not necessarily meaning “fancy”. BBQ, pizza, good burgers, interesting salad options, lol. We will have been setting up warehouse space all day every day all week so we will be hungry (and thirsty lol).

Pretty much all Spartanburg here. Happy to have you in SC!

Food: Ike’s Korner Grill (get there before 11:30 for lunch), Wade’s, Bubba’s BBQ & Bash, Nu-Way (dive with great burgers according to my Spartanburg friends)

Bars: Delaney’s

If you like craft beer,


Iron Yard and Growler house for beer. Lime Leaf(Thai) for food. I think all three are in downtown Spartanburg.

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RJ Rockers for beer and you can at their restaurant next door, The Silo (good burgers).

Holliday Brewing is newer up in Spartanburg, haven’t been there yet.

New Groove is in Boiling Springs and has some great beers.


An FYI for our neighbors to the east…


Ah, I had been looking for the SC thread.

I’m down near Aiken. My preferred courses to play are wherever my pro friends get us on for free :joy:

For a dirt-cheap, boozy, fun round, I like making the drive over to Williston Country Club. Super cheap nine-holer with some interesting shots, and a gas station very close by has the best damn fried chicken I’ve ever had.


@tigergolftraveler how is Holly Tree after all the rain last week? I heard y’all got hammered pretty hard. We walked 18 at So Oaks this AM and it’s wet but playable.

Lots of debris, some serious bridge damage but course is ok overall. Need a solid few weeks of no rain but looks like we’re still getting plenty the next couple weeks.

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This is good to hear. Everything you can see from Hwy 14 was pretty much flooded last week.

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