Roll Call: South Carolina Golfers

They’re putting in brand new cart paths which are great. Tree work a few people told me about seems to all be super positive. Not sure of other changes.

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Tons of sod too. I was primarily referencing the tree removal, sod and path ways.

I’ve heard rumors of a practice area redesign as well.

2 and 18 are so much better with the trees reduced. So much more room to play different shot shapes.

Fun detail, we played the CGa fourball from the way back tee on 14. For those who don’t know, 13/14 are a par five and a par four respectively. 13 was 483 downhill, downwind. 14 was flat, into the wind, playing 480. I think I had 4 or 5 iron into the par 5 (you’ve got to fan it to keep it in bounds). I think I hit four wood into the par four. :rofl:


That way back tee on 14 is wild. Tough hole from the 3 tees, then we played it from 4 tees (which I think was one up from the way back one you referenced). Was a bear from there.

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Yep, they have some really cool tees that make the 4 tees so different than three.

4 - four tees is a chute when you know the OB stakes are so close left. Tons of room right, which makes the approach harder. Awesome design.

7 - all the way back makes it a chute vs. hit it high and right and hope to get past the bunkers

11 - across the path changes the angle just a bit to peek at the OB and right bunker, vs scraping it off the magnolias

13 - there’s actually a tee box right next to 12 green atop the hill. I’ve never played it, but I’d love to see that one get used

14 - in the grove; great box


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Uh oh! :disguised_face:

Just graduated college and I am staying in the upstate for a little while. Whats the best course around here to play? (Staying in Williamston)

The Walker Course at Clemson

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Walker Course is great! Boscobel in Pendleton is also playing really well right now, not as expensive as Walker.

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Just joined a few weeks ago and need to use those guest slots. I love it there, soo laid back, course is in great shape and plays great. Let me know if you want to get out there sometime


Will absolutely take you up on this.


Adam is a great dude. Fit my putter and nailed it. Great to play with too

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Gonna be in Charleston this weekend and had time open up on Saturday morning. If anyone is playing and has space for a fourth, I’d love to add some more golf.