Roll Call:Scotland

Hey all!

Checking in here from the Borders (home course is the Roxburghe), been a big NLU fan for a few years so thought I’d finally join in the fun proper.

Do you guys have any good tips on how to best utilise the refuge as a non-US poster?




Hey Joel - there’s the RACDG GB&I Roost, which also has a big Scottish Annex with lads across the country with loads of meet ups etc. @Wabinez / @GaryHenderson1 will be able to hook you up, if you want to get involved.


Hi. I hope you don’t mind me jumping in on this but I am new to the site as of yesterday I was wondering if you could let me know what RACDG GB&I is all about and how to get involved? I am based down in Gloucestershire and play my golf at Cleeve. Many thanks


Cleeve Hill is like the ancestral home for our English members. @The_Cad_Says will hook you up!

Thanks loads, I’ll hit them up.

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Hey everyone, I’m moving back to the UK later this year after 10 years in America. Wife and I are looking to make Edinburgh our home, so if anyone has any connections/recommendations for estate agents, please send them my way.


To buy? Setup some alerts on rightmove and be prepared to bid fast. Good luck with the move!

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Eventually, yes. We’ll need a short term rental for first 3-6 months before buying. I’ve got alerts and searches in place, but hoping I can find someone to help with it all.

Don’t think we have any estate agents in the RACDG. They’re not allowed. Plenty of mortgage advisors though when the time comes!

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Ah okay. Generally it’s a bit of diy job arranging visits direct with the estate agents and they’ll then register you on their distribution lists. They’re usually slower than rightmove etc. anyway. When looking, get sight of the home report, which will have the property value. In Scotland it’s an offers over situation, so it’ll be a x% above that amount. Edinburgh will likely be between 15-30%. Plus you’ve then got Land and Building Transaction Tax to pay (Scottish equivalent of stamp duty). Good luck with the move. We can get you hooked up for the RACDG and our Scottish annex so you’ll have golf covered.

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Hi All,

Non-nest member looking for some help. I am looking to sell 36 holes of golf, plus a 65 pound voucher for either food and beverage or the pro shop, at Castle Stuart. I had my dream golf trip cancelled in 2020 due to Covid, planned to defer it a year or two, and have now had a significant life change that will likely prevent it from happening.

The golf and voucher may be used through the end of the 2025 golf season. I am asking for 290 pounds (golf rates for 2023 are posted on Castle Stuart’s website, and this is a 470 pound value).

If anyone is interested, or if you have any recommendations for somewhere else to post this information, please let me know. Thanks so much.


Hey - will be in st. andrews from the 26th-30th this month. Have Elie, Leven booked and hoping to get on Old Course via the ballot or queue. Is Panmure a good option to add on too?

Hey, I’ll be there in a few weeks - still looking to get rid of these?

Panmure is amazing

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Agreed. And right next to Carnoustie.

Just about 3 weeks out from my inaugural visit that’s been put off for the last couple of years. If anyone is around for any of these or wants to enter the ballot 7/27-7/29 shoot me a PM.

7/26 -

North Berwick @ 10:10/3:10PM

7/27 -

Kingsbarns @ 2:00PM

7/27-7/29 -

Staying in St. Andrews looking to enter the ballot or hit the singles queue/play New/Jubilee. Currently only have matches for ballot buddy on 7/28 if anyone wants to jump in let me know.

7/30 -

Castle Stuart @2:20PM

7/31 -


Brora @5:00PM

8/1 -


8/2 -


8/3 -

Cruden Bay@10:00AM

8/4 -

Royal Aberdeen@8:00


Sheesh what an itinerary!

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Played Panmure for the first time a few weeks ago. Probably one of my favourite courses I’ve ever played. A lot of great blind tee shots, with the signature 6th hole a particular treat. Highly recommended!