Roll Call:Scotland

Hi there, new member on here play at Scotscraig Gc just outside St Andrews looking forward to enjoying my time here


Welcome! I feel bad for having never heard of your home course which looks fantastic. I went on a golf trip to Scotland several years ago and played many of the rota courses and look forward to coming back and playing many of the other great courses there, I would surely look into playing here.

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Hi and thanks for the reply, we find that most people who come to Scotland for the first time want to play all the Open courses and rightly so as it maybe a once in a lifetime trip. There is much more to Scottish golf than the Open courses mine being one of them as its the 13th Oldest in the world dating back to 1817.

Im sure if you come over again you’ll find many fantastic courses.

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I’ve played the Old Course, but going forward my #1 in Scotland to play is Royal Dornoch, followed by Elie, Cruden Bay and North Berwick.

Maybe the NLU Refuge is vastly different then the general population, but aside from Carnoustie, I don’t have a major desire to play any of the Rota courses vs. everything else that Scotland offers, especially those that I have never even heard of. Would love to go and play a random draw.

Ive only played the Old Course and Carnoustie both of which are a 15 min drive from my house, my father was a member at Carnoustie so have played a load of times ,its one tough course…

There so many courses that no one has heard of my favourite is Tain and Old Tom Morris course about 6 miles from Royal Dornoch its well worth a visit.

I think if you ever have a chance to play Muirfield you should, it is a fantastic course.

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Every year the Scottish Golf Union get some times during the winter months to play Muirfield,Troon and Prestwick and its a random draw allegedly the cost is £280 for a 4 ball ,unfortunately I’ve never been drawn out yet.

Funny I just stumbled in this thread having read today that the very ballot you mention opened today.

Link here :

I’ll also add my name to the roll call. I play at Torwoodlee down in the Borders. A small, fairly unknown club. I grew up playing at Gullane though before I stopped playing at about 14. Only been picking up the clubs again the last few years.

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Hey - NLU fan based near Glasgow airport at the quirkiest of courses. Doesn’t seem to be many from Scotland on the message boards - maybe we are all shy.

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Welcome Mr Montgomerie!


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Afraid not,

We do have some things in common though, mainly the physique.


Doesn’t seem to be many Scots on here lads.

I’m on team Scotland. Prestwick St. Nicholas is my home track.


I’m down near London but always happy to see some relative locals on. It helps redress the balance during Ryder Cup week (which were not allowed to talk about now until the cry babies win it again :wink:).

I’m also up for some jaunts north of the border so might reach out when I next do that.


I’m not on team Scotland, but will be visiting next summer. I just booked flights, and will start locking in golf shortly. I’m landing in Aberdeen on August 17, and flying out of Edinburgh on September 2. Obviously a long way out, but already getting excited about it.

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It won’t be long in coming Eric thats for sure, have you been over here before ?

I’ve never been to Scotland, but have been to London a few times for non-golf trips.

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Im sure you’ll love it, have you any courses in mind ?

The big ones are Cruden Bay, Royal Dornoch, Old Course, Kingsbarns, and North Berwick. I’ll fill in others (Nairn, Brora, Elie, Murcar, Cullen, etc) around those. I have a tentative, ideal itinerary planned out with everything, but that’s obviously going to change based on availability of tee times. I’ll probably start with locking in a date for Cruden Bay since that’s the closest to Aberdeen, and working my way around the country from there.

Some good choices there Bill Bag Tag courses as well some gems. Just some recommendations if your playing North Berwick try and a get a game at either Dunbar or Kilspindie both fantastic courses . When Playing in the Dornoch area try Tain only 6 miles or so from Dornoch its one of my favourite courses in Scotland ,its an OldTom Morris course have a look at their website.

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