Roll Call - San Diego

Sadly they closed the back 9 and the front 9 is open to casino members only. :frowning:

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Hey all gonna be in SD 8/25 - 9/1. Already been denied a tee time at Torrey and nothing available at Coronado according to their website. Anyone got creative ideas for getting tee times at either place? Do I stand a chance of walking on as a single and matching up with a group?

Also open to any other SD public recommendations!

Yes, definitely can do that just be prepared to wait for several hours. I’ll take a picture of the coronado calendar this weekend so you know when coronado wont have walk ons (they have a ton of tournaments/league play)

I’ve been successful both times I did the walk on dawn patrol thing. Even got tee times like and hour after signing in. YMMV


For Torrey, you can sign up for online tee time access and check periodically. I was able to do that to get a time on the North Course a few years ago within the week of play.

FYI, there are too many golfers booking times these days. 99% chance this doesn’t work out. You have a much better chance showing up early and getting on the waitlist.

Definitely trust the locals!

Hey crew, new to the refuge but love NLU and golf. Im born and raised in SD and looking to see how I can sign up or get in on the local roost. Any help is appreciateed!

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What’s the fog situation in the morning at Torrey? Totally random, seasonal, ??