Roll Call - San Diego

I bit the bullet and moved from Jersey and I am looking to play and get to know fellow golfers out here.

I am a 3 handicap, love IPA’s and long strolls on the beach


Hey Rob,

I’m trying to organize a meet-up @ Goat Hill Park next saturday 8/18 over at/r/golf.

It’s time that all of us lone-wolfs from San Diego get together and play.

Sounds great!

I am down in Mira Mesa area so Goat Hill is perfect

It’s you and me at this point haha hopefully it will get traction so we can play wolf hammer in the future!

that works LOL

Hey guys, not from San Diego, but going to be out there first week of September… Never played Torrey and would love to get out there. Any tips on making a tee time? Sounds like maybe I can just call them up and see what they have available? I would just be a single. Thanks!

if you don’t mind me joining you I can make us tee times.

What day they playing?

Yeah, I don’t think people are really interested haha, whatever man. I’m down to play if you are, need a playing partner for saturday/sunday.

Do you live in san diego city limits? I ask to see if we can play torrey or city courses

Yeah dude, got my resident card

sweet!! let me see if I can grab something for next weekend.

Sometimes I play friday afternoons if that works also

Awesome, let me know. I can’t play fridays, just switched jobs and they work a full shift on fridays unfortunately.

I have an extra spot for next friday (8/24) at Torrey Pines south at 11:40 if anyone likes to join

That’s awesome man, unfortunately can’t but enjoy it!

What’s up guys. I just relocated to San Diego from Chicago and am looking to get in touch with fellow golfers for a semi regular game. Live downtown/Little Italy, will travel, 5-6 handicap.

@Rob_Roth and others - let me know if you guys are getting out again anytime soon!

  • Chris

I’m in for any future meetups! San Diego native here who would love to learn to play wolf hammer. I’m a 17.5.

I can do wolf but not sure about wolf hammer just yet. LOL

Shoot me a message and we can set up a little group outing.

Visiting San Diego late september early october. Will be looking for some people to play with. Also suggestions if Torrey is worth the out of state price.

Let me know dates as I will set up some golf. My suggestion is play torrey north (~100 cheaper) than south and has better views. I would also play Maderas as its true San Diego golf vs. Torrey

Goat Hill Park is 45 minutes away. Definitely a fun experience.