Roll Call: Sacramento, CA tour sauce junkies....where you at?

Hey Jordan! I might be able to sneak out. Probably only working a half day friday 12/23 and weather looks good. Off all next week but looks pretty wet around these parts.


Right there with 'ya brother…my goal was 100+ for the year and I’m at 96


What you got lined up before the new years, Ox? Northwood……and??


And a whole bunch of gb

Playing this thurs fri Sat

Plan on being over 100 by Sunday


Jordan, keep me posted on where you end playing… would love to catch up with you on a golf course somewhere! Come up to Dakrhorse!

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I’d hopefully be up for it! Have not played Darkhorse, would love to. Long drive from Davis and I have to make sure I’ve got an 8 hour window before I commit to it. Will have to check our family plans on the 26th-30th.

I’ll get back to you on that

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Totally understandable, it’s gotta be about 45mins or an hour each way. I’m playing Dakrhorse on the 26th, but willing to come down the hill another day to meet you if it doesn’t work into your plans.
Would be great to get another round in with @Jrod and @Bagger. We could run it back at Haggin Oaks

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Ooooof. Will bring rain gear and cross my fingers. Might be some wide open golf courses.

@3jackbirdie yeah looking like 70 minutes each way from where I’m at in Davis. My wife gave me a nasty (but fair) look when I asked about leaving for 7 hours the morning after her parents’ Christmas dinner party. I think I will try to get out at davis golf course to play 9 before the rain on the 26th after I help cleaning up.

If we get some breaks in the weather, I’m open to playing it by ear and sneaking a wet round in somewhere.


Sounds good my man! Keep me posted. I’m available!

We did indeed lock that shit up. 3 birdies on the front. Here’s #100



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Looks like weather will break tomorrow. I’n eyeing two open times at teal bend, 7:50 and 8 am. If anyone is interested, give me a shout! Will be cold, i will bring extra hothands :joy:

That headcover!!! A-10 enthusiast by chance?

I like to think it’s bomber nose art because I’m hitting bombs when I take the driver out of the bag

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Alright well this was a mistake. Teed off at 730. Fog was so bad I couldn’t see the green on approach shots past 80 yards. Thought the fog would clear. NOPE! Got worse!

Managed to scrape it around and play ok but very strange golf experience when you have absolutely no clue where to aim :joy:


That was like the first few holes we played at Torrey North back in July. A real hit and hope situation.

Teal Bend can be quite surreal when you’re out there all alone, sandwiched between rural farmland and an active runway. I dig it.


Yo yo Sactowwwwwwwn. Passing along the goods:


Couple spots open for the Foggy Trolley in Stockton this Sunday

Hello fellow Sactown junkies, looking to find a coach that can help out with my hack job driver swing, any recommendations? Bonus points for being near the Roseville/Rocklin area.