Roll Call: Sacramento, CA tour sauce junkies....where you at?

Sound off! I need someone to teach me Wolfhammer in Roseville!


Hey, so I’m not from Sacramento but my brother lives in Redding and I’ll be flying in to SMF Monday the 21st to visit him and we were going to try and play a round that day. Any advice on the best public tracks in the area that are reasonably priced? I saw in another thread someone suggest Ancil Hoffman and was hoping to get some affirmation of that pick.

Hey there. What time of day you thinking about playing? Ancil is good but near a river and gets fairly soggy in the winter time

Problem lately has been the consistent rain during the week so been a lot of cart path only and frost delays in the morning. If you do not care about that or you plan on walking, then the following courses are good in the Sac area:

  1. My first choice would be Yocha Dehe. Top 100 public course, $80 on a Monday around Noon, and on the way back to Redding from the airport.

  2. These are my second choices in the Sacramento area (most should only be $40 on a Monday). In no particular order since it really depends on what style course you like and what shape they are in based on rain, etc: Teal Bend (close to airport), Ancil Hoffman, Timber Creek or Whitney Oaks (both in Roseville 20 minutes away…Whitney is hard but I love it).

  3. Plumas Lake & Coyote Run are also on the way back to Redding but I don’t know much about them.

Good luck and have fun!


wow, thanks for that detailed response. Not sure how I didn’t see it, because I thought I checked back on here but I must not have. We ended up playing Ancil Hoffman and then a couple courses up in Redding while I was up there during the week. We walked, I think it was about $43, but since it was MLK day the course was really slow even though we played at about noon on a weekday. The course was pretty wet, like you said, and it was okay, nothing spectacular, but a solid muni. I played about as well as I could have expected to after months without golf and then a random round in January with no range sessions beforehand, but I was just happy to be out there. I’ll have to check back here again next time I go out to visit my brother. Thanks again, and if you’re ever in the Twin Cities looking for course suggestions, I can return the favor.

Tomorrow is going to be fun. Taking the Sunday carry bag out and playing four different nine hole courses in the area:

Bradshaw Ranch for Breakfast
Bing Maloney Executive Course for Brunch
William Land for lunch
Emerald Lakes for afternoon delight.

Now that this site has grown, are there any other people within 20 miles of Sacramento here? Still looking to grow our golfing group of like minded golf nutz.


I live in Sac. Just joined Del Paso. Let me know whenever you want to play!



Great track. Severely underrated.

Anyone here play Morgan Creek in Roseville?
I was looking at this course and it seems like it could have some pretty cool holes. Seems like one of the best ways to play a Kyle Phillips course.

10 minutes from me and I have played many times. Overall course/amenities is good but it can be in spotty shape sometimes. Depending on the day and time you have available, they have alot of $29 deals available on their site and for that price it is no-brainer.

Some interesting holes but some are goofy as well and be prepared for some tough bounces based on the undulation of some fairways.

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Tee time at Haggin Oaks today at 11:21 on the MacKenzie course, if anyone is interested. Looks like a couple spots still open at that time.

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there should be a PGA Tour event at Del Paso


That’s a hot take I can get behind. Totally agree. The Senior Open was fantastic there in 2016. Sacramento is a golf crazed city.

Where do you live, @bdimugno

That would be awesome, but the winner would probably be -35 even if they played it as a 70. I’m relatively deep off the tee for us regular people, and there’s really only one true par 5 out there. The par 3s are up to the task though.

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It would be a GREAT lpga venue.

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up in Placerville, I play up at Apple Mountain during the summer mostly & down at Haggin Oaks/Ancil Hoffman during the winter


ya I would hope the “architecture” of the course limits the scores but ya it’d be a great LPGA/US Am type venue

West Sac checking in. I play all over the area but my Sunday twilight go-to is Bartley. 15.7 index on paper, though it looks like a 20 on the course.

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