Roll Call: Sacramento, CA tour sauce junkies....where you at?

Welcome, Lag!

Haggin Oaks has the BEST PRO SHOPs I’ve ever seen!!

Yo yo, yiggity yo.

One month out, ladies and germs.

Heading down to Sacramento this weekend thinking of playing Yocha Dehe either on the way down Friday, or on the way back Sunday, or both weather depending. Anyone free and want to try to get out?

Yocha is on my list to play this year. Sadly, cannot make this weekend though.

Dang it. We will make it happen for sure. I’ve made a new lady friend in Roseville so I’m heading down that way a couple times a month.

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What time you thinking on Friday?

Takes about 4 1/2 hrs to get there for me so noon ish would be ideal

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Ok I just booked myself at 12:20 as a single. Lessssssssgo.

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Boom! I’ll book now looking forward to it


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Me and a few buddies play around the Sac area a few times a month. Home course is Wildhawk but play pretty much anywhere. If you ever need some extra players hit me up! Currently at 15 handicap and hopefully dropping down to single digits this year.



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I’m late to the game but located up the hill in Auburn. I so stoked to see this group. I’m trying get out and play some new tracks in the area. Looking forward to being apart of the group!


Welcome! What courses are you wanting to play this year?

which course in auburn? my uncle lives in darkhorse but it’s been a while since I’ve played there apparently they’ve kind of fixed the place up recently

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Yeah I heard the same thing. I need to get out and give it a shot. I play a lot at Winchester and occasionally at the Ridge.

I have not played Darkhorse yet but want to. Played Whitney Oaks a little while ago and loved it. Any time people want to set up a meet and get some tee times let’s do it!

Curtis Park checking in. I play most of my golf at Bing and Bartley, but like to bounce around and am never afraid to drive a little bit to play.