Roll Call: Bay Area Golfers

My brother-in-law plays GG every now and again … we used to play it a LOT when we were all single, living in the city. He said they’ve redone it in the interim years (a good thing) but that it’s in fairly decent shape. I seem to remember a 180 yard hole back in the day, but maybe that’s wrong.

Lincoln is always worth playing but it always also makes me sad because it could be SO good with just a minimum amount of effort. If you go to somewhere like Blue Rock Springs in Vallejo, it’s not brilliant but it’s always in good shape. Always. And it’s the same basic price, I think, as Lincoln Park which has some of the best views in golf. Sure, it’s a par 68, less than 5200 yards, so it’s going to be quirky … but it should be SO good.


Evening all, long time listener, first time poster. Seems like a solid group around here! I’m in Folsom.


Hey Zach! I’m also in Folsom. Not nearly as active as this one but we’ve got a Sac thread too. Let me know if you ever wanna grab a quick round at Empire.



Where do you usually tee it up?

Thanks for the welcome!

Member out at Granite Bay GC. Course is in the midst of a full reno, opening back up in Sep.

Been hitting up Turkey Creek and Haggin lately.

@Jrod can you link me to the Sac group thread?


Hey all. Visiting my sister who lives in Carmel Valley in early august. Played Pasatiempo last visit. Other than the big 3, thinking of playing Bayonet/Blackhorse. Worth it? Also, anyone played the Laguna Seca course?

B/B are great. Haven’t been in a while maybe others can update conditions.
In the Valley, Quaill Lodge is amazing.
Pac Grove back nine.
Poppy Hills, although without NCGA membership might not be the awesome deal it is for us.


DO NOT PLAY LAGUNA SECA. It’s one of the cheaper courses in the area but it’s still somehow overpriced. Honestly you’d be better off going to Salinas fairways.

i agree to check out quail and then picking either Bayonet/Blackhorse and PG are a lot of fun especially for the price. Sometimes you can get a good deal at Del Monte through golfnow. not terribly long but the greens are always in great conditions and takes some strategy

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Gonna be a great weekend. Palo Alto Golf Club match play championship starts tomorrow. 64 players.

Really hoping for a @giles + @hwb finals.


I’d echo Poppy Hills, which is such a gem. I haven’t played Bayonet or Black Horse but I hear good things and also that they are HARD courses.

If you just want to have an excellent, fun round you can’t go wrong with Pacific Grove, as long as you can wait for the back nine. (The front nine is fun too but the back is god tier).


To echo most other statements -
Bayonet is the more challenging course, though Black Horse has some tricky green complexes. I enjoy both courses and every time I’ve played them they have been in excellent condition.
Poppy is awesome if you are ok not playing on the water, their twilight rate is usually great.
I don’t mind lacuna seca but it really can be overpriced. If you find a hot deal on GN it can be worth the money but otherwise I would skip it.
Pacific Groves back 9 is all world for the price, though the front nine is a snooze fest (sorry if I offend anyone).


While it’s not all world, PG front nine is kind of charming. 7 is probably the worst hole, and even that’s got a blind tee shot.

@TXUte you can also play just the PG back nine for like the first hour of tee times for like $30. So you could do that and then hit up B/B or Poppy.

Laguna Seca isn’t worth it. It’s sort of fun, but definitely the scrappy local track with a higher price.

I would also echo Quail Lodge. It seems pricey, but man it’s worth every penny.


Agree with most of the above. Bayonet is awesome if you’re ready for a brawl. The 74.8 rating is no mistake. TBH Black Horse doesn’t do much for me outside of the views of the peninsula. The anti-Bayonet is Carmel Valley ranch: short and playable but I’ve really enjoyed it the couple times I’ve been out.

As for cheaper options, cosign the above. Laguna Seca is fine if you live in the area and want to check it out, but not worth it if you’ve got limited time in Monterey. I’d echo @oski - I’ve always enjoyed PacGrove’s front 9 (for what it is) and the back is the best deal in golf. I’d throw Del Monte in there as a decent cheaper option if you are playing after 3 (it’s worth the twilight rate, probably not worth the full rate), and it has the best logo in the area.


Appreciate the tips! :facepunch:t3: Pacific Grove is a must. Will see if I can squeeze a second round in.

Only asked about Laguna as its closest to where we are staying. Love the direct feedback :joy:


Does the weather affect playability of any area of courses around Christmas-time?

Seems like it is still decent around my parent’s house just south of San Jose, but what about SF, Monterey, Northwoods, etc.?

I haven’t lived down there in about 10 years but Northwood could be literally under water in December if we are actually getting rain.

Some courses around drain really poorly. Crystal springs and Sharp Park tend to be mud puddles. Corica does pretty well

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In my mind a “snoozefest” of a nine holes is one with no variety, no character, no memorable holes.

The front nine at PG hits you with an oddity right out of the gates, back to back par 3s, One is a handshake and then boom you gotta step up and hit a really good shot on. 3 and 4 are fun risk/reward par 4s with options for anyone. The back to back par 5s are meh and 7 is meh but 8 is a good hole and 9 is just ok. All in all I think it’s better than a snoozefest.

Thanks for coming to my TT.


It’s all about rain. Sadly we are in a massive drought yet again so rain is more of a theory, but in normal years you can certainly play all year round it can just get messy and sloppy. Many courses don’t have ideal drainage.

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