Roll Call: Rhode Island

Same - work

all good guys, found a fourth for tomorrow. But if you can, get out there soon!

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Let’s pick a day and get a meet up there. Maybe some tee times back to back

That is actually happening sat-sun in the Boston WhatsApp group. I’m not making it but @FringeLife are you in that?

Highly unlikely right now unfortunately


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Super cool walk that Wanny

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Will be up in RI this weekend. Weather looks shitty but my cousin, brother in law, and myself will be trying to sneak out on Saturday if the weather does hold up. Looking at Metacomet, but any other public courses popping right now we should try out?

Pinecrest is dope, only 9 holes tho.

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Metacomet is in sick shape. What part of the state will you be in?

South County - Newport National or Meadowbroook.
Cranston or Triggs (Donald Ross) if you are in the Providence / Cranston Area
9 Holers - Harbor Lights (sick patio after round hang), Midville, or Pinecrest
Northern RI - Crystal Lake (gimmicky but fun)

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I’ll be in Narragansett. Will also be up next weekend and have a confirmed time at Metacomet and Pawtucket CC. Have played Triggs, Newp National, Jamestown and some of the other local NK munis.

Should hit Meadowbrook if you’re down in Narragansett. If you’re a member anywhere, see if your pro can call Point Judith on your behalf. Place is pure.

Played 36 yesterday at Pawtucket CC and Metacomet after. Metacomet might be the coolest course I’ve ever played. Those greens are diabolical and killed me but I enjoyed every minute of it.

Also got to see some of the RI Am Championship match at Pawtucket while we were up there which was pretty cool.


The Refuge should build a 9 hole course on Block Island


I played Triggs for the first time today. The weather sucked and the pace of play was putrid, but it was a fun course. The front nine - especially the first few holes - seemed to be in much better shape than the back nine, but overall it was solid. Greens were rolling nice, at least. Definitely could feel the family resemblance with the other New England Ross munis.

You have to play in it the spring before the city of
Providence cuts their water usage. Greens are pure. Great Ross for sure. Give it another shot in the fall.

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Played there last July. Course itself was fun. But a 6 hour round was just brutal.

Played Fenner Hill last weekend and Montaup yesterday, both played insanely firm it was awesome. I really enjoyed both of them. That starting stretch at Montaup can give you some serious jitters, especially with that wind we had yesterday.

My home course is Shennecossett in Groton, CT, a Ross course, which IMO is best when they let it bake out in August. But Triggs reminded me more of George Wright and Franklin Park, which definitely are at their best when the grass is a bit softer. So that definitely makes sense.


I love Shenny. One of my great friends Strickley is down there.