Roll Call: Rhode Island

whatsup refuge… recently became addicted to golf and have voraciously consumed any and all NLU content. Spend most of my time between falmouth and providence and always down to try and play (currently finishing grad school and partially employed).

Spend a bunch of time on the button hole par 3 in providence and have hit falmouth cc for 18 a couple times. Have heard mixed reviews of Triggs and definitely need to play metacomet.

Also played a bunch of soccer growing up and love to surf so if either of those float your boat I’m always down to play and/or hunt some waves.

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Been a lot of Triggs and Metacomet talk on here lately, so I’ll just say that Falmouth has a pretty fun layout for the price. I’ve got a friend with a house right nearby, so I usually play a round or two there a year.

There was a golf course on Block Island. Never played it but it was there:


I got one of the public times at Agawam this week and it was definitely worth it. Great condition and a really fun layout

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Lots of great tracks around other than Triggs and Metacomet for sure. I still love playing Cranston and NK - where else can your approach shot have Navy bombers in the background?!?

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Played Agawam for the first time a few weeks ago. Loved the course and layout. Really sets you up to be punched in the mouth off the rip though. 1-4 are tough.

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When is Metacomet closing? I’ll be in RI in late Sept and want to play.

Last I heard was October 1 so you’ll be there just in time.

Unofficial word is Sept 30 will be the last day they are open.

You should be good.

If I get to my house early enough and anyone wants to come and play Sakonnet GC, a Ross course where he was a member and had a house please let me know. It’s an awesome course with probably the best greens I have ever played on


I’d be interested in playing if possible!

Would love to play Sakonnet. I play Metacomet twice a week, and happy to play a round there as well before closing.

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Would love to take you up on playing Sakonnet. Definitely plan on making it out to Metacomet a few more times before closure too. I’ve played there a bunch this summer. Let me know if you want to meet up for a round.

I would be down for a walk at Metacomet as well.

Is this the great D Raiz himself?? Not to out you but welcome to the 'fuge my dude.

And @tuNfloG … Add me to the Sakonnet yes column as well. That place looks absolutely superb.

It is indeed! Thank you sir!

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Attention Rhode Islanders:

Soliciting interest from New England types in a get together at Cape Arundel on Oct. 3-4 or 10-11. If you are interested and can abide by the COVID rules, post over in the Maine thread [Roll Call: Maine -Cape Arundel in October signup in post 182]

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Played 18 holes at Pinecrest again yesterday with my BIL and it was even more fun the second time around. It’s probably the most firm tee-to-green I’ve ever played and it was insane in the best way. The anticipation of the bounce is one of my favorite feelings in golf. BIL hadn’t played since 2018 and he absolutely crushed the ball. He hit a few chunky irons that were on line and worked out strictly because of how firm the conditions were. Couldn’t have had a better time.

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Sign up for Cape Arundel here: