Roll Call: Rhode Island

Although I live in CT, it’s right on the CT/RI shore border and play out of Warwick CC in Warwick, Rhode Island. Been there 6-7 years. Special location, fun and challenging Ross Course, somewhat underwhelming social scene.

Any other lil’ Rhodey folks up here in NLU?

I also live in CT but I grew up in RI. I currently work in RI so play a fair amount of my golf up there. Grew up playing Quidnesset and then Metacomet. Warwick is an awesome track!!!

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Rhody! I’m from Warwick, still live in Warwick. Don’t belong to a course but usually play Exeter or Meadowbrook a lot. Used to work at Exeter CC in college. I’d enjoy meeting some Rhody NLU fans.

Not in Rhody anymore… But I went to Brown and love the golf scene out there. I make it back several times a summer.
Played in the Four Ball qualifier at Kirkbrae two years ago, great track.
In college Brown played out of Metacomet, loved that course.

Played out at Kirkbrae a few times this past summer. Solid.

Trying to get out at Metacomet this summer. One of the partners at my CPA firm is a member and on the board there… guess I need to start laying the ground work lol

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Not from the area, but have taken two golf trips to Rhode Island and I’m planning a third. I love the area and some of the “old” courses. Plus you can’t beat the craft beer scene. I’ve been fortunate enough to play Rhode Island Country Club twice, plus Pawtuckett Country Club, and New England Country Club. All of them totally different but fun and unique in their own ways.

Drop me a note when you’re planning the third. Warwick CC is a fun 1924 Donald Ross on Narraganset Bay that I’d be happy to host if schedules align.

Wannamoisset is worth checking out too…Thousand Greens has some members there open to hosting.

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@Clarkebar I’m listening…
Warwick CC would be a fun one.

Might be available to play for one day in Massachusetts/Rhode Island in May. Flying in to Boston early in the AM, need to be in Fall River for dinner. Will have rental car.

Best ideas for golf that day? Budget may be a factor.

Checking in from E Providence. I’ve been in RI for 2.5 years now. I play at CCNB in MA but I need to check off more of our own RI courses.
@tdogg21 definitely agree with you on the craft beers, Tilted Barn and Long Live are my 2 favorites.

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CCNB is tits. Love that place

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I was the best man at a wedding at Warwick CC last summer. We walked a couple holes day of when the course was cleared for weather. Course looked pretty awesome. Wasn’t aware it was a Ross. Definitely had some interesting holes. We sat up on the porch the day before the wedding and watched people hit into the short par 3 that comes right up near the clubhouse. Guy banged one off the stick for a near hole in one with a fairly large audience of all of us from the wedding party. The club and the people couldn’t have been nicer and more accommodating. It was Saturday of the PGA championship and we spent a large portion of the day leading up to the ceremony holed up in the men’s lounge watching Tiger start his run.

A lot of my roots of learning to play the game came from the RI/Mass area. My grandpa taught me how to play when I was young. They lived off the 7th hole (I think) at Pawtucket CC.

They sold the house 10+ years ago. But the house had a driveway the led into the back of the house with a large parking lot area. My grandpa would take his and my grandma’s cars and drive them right up to the fence and shine the lights on the green. My cousin and I would hop the fence and chip and putt on the green around dusk when everyone was off the course. Never got caught.

We played all sorts of mediocre and shitty courses in that area. Pine Valley, Rehoboth CC, Swansea and Chemawa (where both my grandparents belonged to men’s and women’s leagues).

As my grandpa got older and alzheimers got worse and worse he couldn’t do the big courses anymore. I can’t for the life of me remember what the course was called but there was a par 3 course that backed up to a driving range/mini golf place in Attleboro. We played there at the end of his playing days. He got a hole in one on one of the holes many moons ago and actually got in the local newspaper for it.

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I think I mentioned this in a post a while ago, but I actually got to play Pawtucket CC last summer. The picture you posted is actually the 3rd hole. A fun course. Challenging but very get-able if you make good shots.

Ahh memory was sketchy on what hole it was. Never actually played the course just chipped and putted on the green many many times about 20 years ago.

Hey guys,

Playing Shelter Harbor next Monday. Anything I should know? Had never heard of the club, but after doing a bit of digging, I couldn’t be more excited. This will be my first Hurdzan and Fry.

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Can we get a report back on Shelter Harbor? I’ve heard it’s always in immaculate condition. 27 holes I believe?

The chirps on the place was that it was created in response to those ultra wealthy that couldn’t buy their way into Newport CC or Misquamicut and it’s the “new money” club in the area. Course rep is strong but know nothing of the architecture.

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Also, playing Metacomet GC next Wednesday. 1901 Donald Ross. Anyone know anything or play it before?

I belong to a cool little course called Sakonnet Golf Club in RI. Donald Ross fell in love with the area when building the course and had a home there. I will be around for the first few weeks of August. Reach and I’ll see if I’m avail if you want to play


Love the opening stretch of Sakonnet. Have gotten lucky to get out there when Acoaxet is booked up.

Let’s not let the word out on the Little Compton and Westport…shhhhh


Another Rhode Islander here. I’ve been here since going to PC back in 2000-2004 with the exception of a few years in SoCal. Play out of Valley CC in Warwick. Underwhelming but it’s affordable and in decent shape most of the time. Original 9 was designed by Follet, a Ross protégé. Second 9 was added by Geoffrey Cornish. Any refugees passing through or visiting, let me know and we can set something up.

Love Tilted Barn by the way, it’s 15 min from my house (good and bad) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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