Roll Call: Rhode Island

Wish I could. One of my favorite spots.

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Going to be in Middletown for a wedding on 9/24. Called ahead and booked a block of tee times at NN (I’m a disciple and big time
Shoulder season guy there)


There’s been whisperings amongst the group to play a Friday round as well… Anybody with recommendations on the other best local tracks there?

Montaup isnt far and a solid course thatll give you plenty of water views


Are they semi-private? Open to unaccompanied guest play?

i assume open to unaccompanied bc we played it before a newport wedding and everyone was from boston.

Montaup :muscle:t3::+1:t3:

Calling them tomorrow based on the 3 day window… Realllllly hoping / need the 11 am slot with a rehearsal starting at 4

As a backup, is Green Valley any good?? (Wide open tee sheet at the moment)

Good afternoon Rhode Island, transplant whos been living in Newport the past few years. Looking for somewhere new to play. Usually play Exeter, Triggs, and jamestown (if i can deal the annoance of their starter). Was looking at goin to Meadowbrook but wasnt how it stacked up. Any thoughts.

Meadowbrook is nice. They did some renovations last year and some of the low areas were still really soft after a good amount of rain, but still better conditions than Triggs. I would say it’s similar to Exeter. I’ve never played Jamestown.