Roll Call: Rhode Island

Anyone played Metacomet recently? Wondering if it is in decent shape

Played there on Sunday, yeah they’re still keeping it nice. It was ultra firm and fast. Wind was whipping too. Definitely get a round in before they close down :cry:

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Still in good shape. I agree with @bjennings210 - firm and fast.

Will be there Saturday and from what I can tell it will be my last time. Truly unfortunate

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Do we know if official D Day?

I heard as early as October 1st, but the closing “will take place in October”, according to this article.

I hope it’s later in October so I can get out there one last time.

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I heard from a couple members that they were told next Wednesday would be the last day of memberships. Not sure if it will continue as a public pay for play or not as of 10/1 but all of the month to month memberships are over as of 9/30.


This is correct. I’m a member and my contract has an end date of 9/30/20. Looks like that will be the last day, as of right now.

Confirmed - last day for public tee times at MET is Tuesday. Sad day for sure. I may play and bottle up some sand and grass and sprinkle it at Warwick or Triggs in honor of Mr. Ross who designed all three.

Change of events??!?

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Got to play Wannamoisett for the first time this week. I can sincerely say those may be my favorite Ross greens I’ve ever played. The front 9 is absolutely outstanding and I could easily play that every day. 3 is one of the best short par 3s I’ve ever played. That opening stretch of 1-5 could really whoop up in you in a hurry (which it did me). My buddy hit it to maybe 20 ft above the hole on 5 and putted it off the front of the green, ended up like 20 yards from the hole lol. The back 9 routing was not as cool for me but I really enjoyed the 16-18 finish. Again, EVERY green was insanely cool and fun, couldn’t have had a better experience.


5 is sneaky good. One of the best greens there. It packs a punch in a small footprint of land.


That was probably my favorite collection of par 3s I’ve ever seen. I really really enjoyed them. I wish it we’re just a little more firm when we played, the only thing I can think of to make that place better

Spargo golf fitting anyone?

That’s awesome of Jon. Definitely worth bidding on.



Cross Posting this from the daily deals thread:

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Hi everyone, new here on the refuge after watching all the NLU vids and listening to the pod.

Anyone have a good recommendation for a coach in the area? I took lessons a few years ago out of triggs but was unimpressed, and I really want to get my handicap down this year. I got my irons fitted over at spargo, has anyone been to the golf instructor there at mulligans?