Roll Call: Pittsburgh and Western PA

Hey crew, dropping in from Western NY Buffalo area this weekend for a figure skating competition in Mt Lebanon and checking to see if you have any decent golf shops outside of the Golf Galaxy type I can browse during downtime? Looking mostly for some decent used selection and accessories like grips since we don’t have anywhere around Buffalo that has any decent selection

Honestly, outside of just pro shops at different courses, I can’t think of anything other than Golf Galaxy in the area.


How about lunch or dinner spots around Mt Lebanon area?

The Pittsburgh tourist trap is alway Primantis for the sandwich. It’s overrated. Fioris pizza is pretty solid and should be kinda close to you


Bigham tavern in mt washington is great

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Howdy incline clubbers… gonna be in the Pitt area this weekend and am trying to possibly get out for a round Saturday AM.

Was looking at Hickory Heights, looks decent and not far from my AirBnB (just north of the south side slopes).

Thoughts on the course? Open to other suggestions. Anyone else getting a round in on Saturday?


Hickory is usually in good shape but to me, it’s ridiculously hard with some really goofy holes. Definitely not trying to discourage you from playing if it’s convenient for you, just a word of warning more than anything!


Tonk is being nice, Hickory Heights sucks ass.

I’d look into either Quicksilver or Lindenwood. Both probably a little further out from where you’re staying but much better.


Appreciate the feedback. I saw its a Hurzdan course and I’ve enjoyed all the ones I’ve played so that’s why I was looking at HH.

Havent booked anything yet, so I’ll keep looking. Thanks again!

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Worked here on the Grounds Crew 2014-2016 summers while I was teaching. Love the place!

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Hey Yinzers! Booked a block of times for 36 with Mr. Ross at Mill Creek on 7/15. Please post in the OH thread if you wanna join!


Mill Creek is still happening on 7/15. Google sign up sheet has finally been added…


Will be seeing Butler Country Club for the first time on Thursday. Anyone played there before?

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I played it last summer the day after a WPGA event and the greens were insanely fast. The member I played with said they still usually roll pretty fast. Also I believe they just completed a renovation and a significant tree removal. Hoping to get back up there this summer myself to see the changes. Have fun!

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I got to play there in 2019. I had my wedding there and we got a foursome as part of the package. It was dead out there because our tee time was after the club championship that morning. Conditions were DIALED, I didn’t keep a handicap at the time but I probably played off a 25-30 and I got my teeth kicked in. It was a great time though, enjoy it!


Played there a good bit. Go left and over on 11.


My dad, who plays golf like 5 times a year, pulled a tin cup on that hole and emptied his bag of balls to get over the water.


Over the water? I assume you mean straight at the green, not just to a spot like 60 yards short of it?

I cannot emphasize enough how bad he is… So he was really just blasting anywhere. Haha