Roll Call: Pittsburgh and Western PA

Was able to play Champion Lakes yesterday Feb 11. I was literally the only golfer out there. Had a blast but was definitely a unique experience. And birdied #2 for my first round of the year!


I took the UPJ golf team out there on Sunday! The course is in decent shape and it’s incredible to see all of the improvements they have made over the last few years

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Welcome!! We’d love to have to #INVOLVED in the Incline Club! Just pop your name and info on this list: Western PA Roost - Incline Club - Signup - Google Sheets

Also, there’s a WhatsApp thread for the Roost where we do a lot of communicating on events or meetups, coordinating golf, etc. Found here: WhatsApp Group Invite



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Hello Everyone, I am a long-time NLU fan but a new Nest member. I live in the Lower Burrell/New Kensington area, but work across Western PA. I am a golf historian, working for Oakmont and Allegheny CCs locally, and some other clubs on the side.

Like I said, I am new here, just wanted to say hello. Hope that there will be a chance to tee it up with you guys over the coming years.


Oakmont huh? Ever need anyone to round out a foursome by chance?

Only half kidding, welcome. We’ve got a whatsapp group and a roost starting up this year so plenty of opportunities to play.


Has everyone seen the NIT qualifier at Birdsfoot that was announced? I don’t see a specific thread for it on here yet and registration isn’t open yet, but Birdsfoot is a blast and we should be able to get a good group together from in here!


Hahahaha if I had a quarter for everyone who’s asked me that question over the years… well, I’d at least be able to buy a Primantis sandwich haha. I am excited to be here and look forward to seeing this Roost officially start!


Thank you! Glad to be here.

Excited to learn more about the event at Birdsfoot. One of my favorite courses in the area. It is a wonderful place for a qualifier.

Heard you on the talking golf history podcast recently. How many golf historian jobs are there? I am currently a high school history teacher, but was very intrigued from what you said you do on the pod. My wife wants me to get a golf history job and move to pinehurst.

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There are not a lot of them to be honest. When I started at OCC, I was one of only a handful of paid club historians in the country. Most clubs just have members fulfill the role, but the big ones sometimes have someone on staff. I just got lucky with the timing.

Yeah that’s awesome. I really loved all my work in college doing real historian stuff. Digging thru civil war letters was a highlight for me. Getting to work on golf history and architecture type stuff is the dream. Welcome to the refuge!

I did a lot of military history before turning to golf, WWII and some Civil War. But it has really been all golf the last few years, which is fun.

If you like golf history, check out the Golf Heritage Society. They do a lot of golf history, collecting and even hickory golf. Its a cool group that is in desperate need of getting younger.

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When is this happening?!

Hey @alexshreff ! The Incline Club Roost is actually hosting the NIT Qualifier at Birdsfoot on August and you’re looking at the Captain. Right now we’ve got a WhatsApp for communicating, Google group email list, and our own section of the Refuge for other event postings (as well as an Instagram).

The Birdsfoot event we’re working closely with @Privatecollection to setup registration and details so look for that to open up closer to May.

Here’s a link to our info spreadsheet so I can add you to the various places and also the link for the WhatsApp (and for anyone else that needs it)


Awesome thanks! Just signed up in the spreadsheet. Looking forward to following along!



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New to the nest, good to be here fellas. I’m up at Shannopin CC most warm days


Welcome guys! I’ll get yinz all added to the Incline Club group. Check out the postings in there. The next couple months the biggest thing we’ll be doing is our Match Play Series, so check out that doc and let me know if you want to get in on that and I’ll get you paired up if not March, definitely starting April.

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Shot in the dark: any western PA folks a member or have the proper connections at Lawrence Park?

Lake View is my first love, and I’m fortunate to have several very gracious friends that host there. But The Park has been so good in recent years I’d love to get back on and if it works out share the experience with a couple OATW brethren. No dates or anything like that yet, just hoping to make the connection. And goes without saying the post-round herbies at Park Tavern are on team OATW.