Roll Call: Pittsburgh and Western PA

Any other yinzers here on NLU?


I wouldn’t call myself a yinzer (moved here from NY), but I live in the Cranberry area.

Grew up in Erie and went to Pitt. Lots of underrated golf in western PA.

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Born and raised, now live in DC area

Yep. Live in the South Hills. What tracks do you play?

I also live in the Cranberry area. I like to play at Pittsburgh National pretty often and Cranberry Highlands. Need to find more places to play though.

Ryan here from Erie, Pa. Member at Lake View CC in North East, Pa. I’ve played literally no golf in the Pittsburgh area, hope to change that this summer!

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Hail to Pitt!!! Turn on those Victory Lights!


LV is the best CC in Erie by a mile. And a tremendous value comparatively.


Grew up there, but live in NYC now. Played a large majority of the courses in the area (from Oakmont to North Park). Will hit you guys up for a game when I go back to visit!

Grew up about 25 mins northeast of the city. Grounds crew at Pittsburgh National last few summers, trying to see a few more courses this year, any recommendations?

I mostly play at strawberry ridge due to the proximity to where I live, the price, and the time I get out of work. Know of any ccourses in the area open at the moment?

Live in the Washington Pa area. Lots of nice ones around here. One of my favorites is the Palmer Course down at Oglebay in Wheeling.

North Park, South Park, and Moon Golf club have all been open since they are muni’s it seems that they must open whenever possible. I work from “home” so in the last 5 years i’ve been able to play pretty much everywhere within 40 miles of the city, so if anyone is looking for recommendations let me know.

I will also let everyone know if you want to play some local private courses sign up for the WPGA the have some play days at some local CC’s and cheap rates for Bedford Springs and Olde Stonewall. Only weekdays though. The list will be out April 1.

Live in Beaver County, work in Sewickley. Grew up in Akron, OH but am a recent transplant because I got married and my wife is a yinzer. Play my league out of Blackhawk in Chippewa, PA and it’s a solid course w/ 36 holes.

Anyone have any solid recommendations north of the city?

Cranberry Highlands is currently $26 to walk 18 until Memorial Day; in great shape.

I live in Westmoreland County and play most of my golf at The Madison Club. We have a nice group that plays on weekend mornings. Very organized group with some action each week as well as a year long season race like the FEDEx Cup. If you are looking for a weekend game and are in the area, we would love to have you.

Live in Buffalo but get down to Whispering Woods in Erie at least twice a year. My buddy and I have no problems getting in the car on the weekend to chase 10 degrees or no rain, this past spring left Buffalo in an ice storm and it was 80 in Pittsburgh. Played Olde Stonewall that day and have also took a day trip to Quicksilver. Latrobe is an annual trip as well, absolutely love it there.


@jasona93 Olde Stonewall and Quicksilver are both great courses. If you get a chance and are in the area, I’d recommend The Madison Club which is just off route 70, Totteridge which is not far from Latrobe, as well as Birdsfoot in Freeport. All are quality public tracks in the Pittsburgh area.

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Awesome, thanks for the tip, always looking for new tracks!