Roll Call: Pittsburgh and Western PA

Connequenessing Country Club is a great little private club with a solid 29-35 year old rate. My friend (and fellow nester) @gdrake is a member there and I’m trying to join next year as well.

Course has a great layout, is an easy walk, and they are putting a ton of work in to improve the place (new cart paths, tees, etc.).


I’ve heard good things about Chartiers, too.


I’m with you. Was thinking you could play 13 as a long 4 (or move tees up), and then add a new back tee box further back and to the right and play 14 as a short 4. Could also leave 13 as is and do that. The green on 14 is so severe which would be perfect for a short 4 but is a little over the top on a 230+yd par 3. Par is irrelevant though and I’m just happy to get through the 3 par 3s on the back in 11 shots or fewer!

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I played Chartiers for the first time this year - I really enjoyed it and would love to play it again.

Bunker renovation is really good, love the squared off design with the long fescue faces. Something I didn’t expect was how much anxiety these cause when a ball is flying at a bunker. You REALLY don’t want to get stuck in the long grass. They look really cool too. Was a lot of fun.

That being said it’s not very walkable… It has a real nice practice facility though – driving range, wedge range with like 6 or 8 greens, nice chipping and putting area.

I haven’t played Chartiers since they took a lot of trees out. But having a big right miss and playing there back then was an awful experience. That being said I heard it’s a bit better now.

Also the pool is cool and it was a younger crowd as well.

I’ve heard good things, but haven’t played it (Chartiers) yet. I’ve played Green Oaks (plus so has my daughter, many times). I caddied for Mike Bennett there, too, in a (then) Monday qualifier. Two of my students (one a former college player here at Behrend) are there too: Mark Peters. He’s < 30 and did a search and ended up at Green Oaks.


This would be provocative!

Let’s try and get out and play this season

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Chartiers is a fantastic course. I agree with what others said in the fact that I would not want to walk that course everyday. I have heard that it is also affordable for the “junior” membership under the age of 30 or 35. I’d be interested to see what the rates actually are.

Hey everyone,

Not new to Pittsburgh but new to the thread/refuge. Wanted to see how I can get involved and keep informed of any meetups etc. I joined the WhatsApp and filled out the Google form for the Roost. Didn’t know if there was anything else you all use!


Welcome friend - WhatsApp is the place right now - some Five Iron nights have been organized in there and a few guys just got out to play with the warm weather. It’s looking like our first event will be in March so that’s cool and awesome.


Long time lurker. Ready to finally get involved haha. Just signed up on the google sheets and joing the whats app. Looking forward to it guys!


Let’s goooooo! Welcome!

First time checking in on this thread in awhile. Love the IC idea, love the roost idea, signed up for both. Happy to help get things moving along too, @willig92.


Hey Matt! Great to have you. I am adding you to our Private Refuge group where you’ll find all the information you need for our upcoming events.

For anyone else that isn’t in the Roost Private Refuge Group from that needs to be let me know!


Hello All - Long time lurker and listener, first time poster, and figured it was time to #GetInvolved. Was waiting to see if a Roost was set up, thought that was a great idea from the guys. I signed up on the google sheet.
Basically play everywhere within a couple hours of Pittsburgh, and looking to branch out, play more, with a little more competition than just my normal buddies or going out alone at North or South Park.


Welcome! @willig92 should be able to get you in our WhatsApp chat and add you to the Incline Club refuge group


@Thig87 welcome (above ground!). You’ve been added to the Roost Refuge Group which has topics and links all in there to get you setup with our WhatsApp and upcoming events. I also have a Google group that I send out periodic emails that you’ve been added too!

For anyone else that may not be in the Refuge Group yet or Google group or Whatsapp just let me know!

The Incline Club Roost’s inaugural event will be a blind draw 2-man screenshot on March 19th @ Totteridge, sign-up here:

@willig92 @bert Thanks for the welcome. I added the WhatsApp group, the google group, and the refuge pvt group.
I think I signed up for everything offered so far, Match Play and the Season Opener. If I miss anything let me know.
Looking forward to the season
@willig92 if you need help with anything let me know. I am more than willing to help with what I can


I heard about this on the newest Nest pod, would be great to #getinvolved. I live in Wexford and bounce around courses, but also signed up for the National membership at Bedford.

Thanks yinz,


Nest Member but never jumped into the refuge board before… poked around the roosts last year but there wasn’t one that fit in the western pa/ Pittsburgh region… no way was I joining the Ohio group. If im reading things right this seems to be the spot for the Pittsburgh based roost. How do I officially join and become active… thanks in advance!