Roll Call: Pittsburgh and Western PA

Good look on yellow balls - didn’t think of that

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If it works for you. Still some don’t think they show up as well. But for me i tend to lose the white ones more in the broken grass olus just something about the winter light, i don’t see white in the air as well either.

Heard that you guis are now part of our region - welcome! As a former yinzer turned Clevelander (there are at least a few of us in OATW), I’m excited to see what events you might have on tap in the future. Looking through the thread is like a nostalgic flashback of courses I played growing up - Fox Chapel (caddied there 05-11, still my favorite course), North Park, Birdsfoot, etc. Plus a few on the bucket list (e.g., PFC - my high school’s home course…but I didn’t play golf in HS). And this is not even counting a few courses lost to the sands of time - Oakmont East, Rose Ridge…

Name and logo are awesome. Incline Club = IC…that’s just begging for some merch in the style of Iron City/IC Light logos!


Oh yeah, this 100% factored into our naming discussion.

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Hey Yinz Jagoffs,

Welcome to Roost life. When we dueling at Whispering Woods and/or Millcreek?!


Whispering Woods can be a tight tight piece of property when it’s firm!

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Millcreek in Youngstown? We played there last summer on Golf Trip. I liked that place Greens were shaggy, but it was fun as hell. Idea be down for a match there.

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I mean if we wear Blue and Gold no way they beat us.


An all-out affair at Mill Creek on both of those courses would be legitimately be an all-time NLU/Roost/Refuge event.


Mill Creek would be great, some TIGHT holes and they keep it in great condition during the peak months. Either course is fun, great range as well

Gets a lot easier the 10th time you play it. :wink:

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Metroparks v Allegheny County Parks. Love it.




If we seriously want to start thinking about something like this, I’ve got plenty of relationships on the Youngstown side

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I’ve had bad luck with North Park in the past with the first come first serve setup. Showed up and there’s 1.5-2 hours of names on the tee sheet and I couldn’t swing that. Only played it once and haven’t tried South Park at all.

Edit: I’m complaining for no reason - I’m down to play golf with friends wherever and whenever :]

I don’t live in Pittsburgh anymore and haven’t played there in a while, but no one will ever convince me that there is not tons of fuckery going on with that tee sheet. The guys holding the list of complete control of who goes out and are letting their buddies out (or people slipping them a $20) regardless of how long anyone has been waiting.

South Park I don’t remember ever waiting too long, but again, it’s been years.


Hey guys i’m looking into joining a new club around pittsburgh this season and wanted some first hand experiences / recommendations. Looking somewhere on the more affordable side, maybe with a solid “under 30” rate. Thanks!

Green Oaks should be on your list for consideration.

A few dumb holes, but they’re doing a lot to get younger members, from what I hear (from some younger members).


I joined Green Oaks this past summer and I’ve enjoyed it a lot. Agree with @iacas that there are some dumb holes but overall I have a lot of fun playing the course and it’s been in excellent shape. Feel free to DM me if you want more info.

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Also a green oaks member and it’s a solid value for sure.

Which holes do people think are dumb? I sort of like the commonly criticized 5th. The 8th is not my favorite and is a little bland. The backloaded par 3s on the backside are a little goofy but as holes they are all reasonable I think.

I like 5 and 8. Particularly like when they switch up which tee box to play from for 8. Honestly don’t have any complaints about any holes on the front. Really it’s the fact that all of the par 3s on the back are between 185-230. If you played them in a vacuum they are fine holes but when you have three in a four hole stretch it kinda stinks. IMO if they got rid of the back tee box on 14 so that hole played max 170 all three would feel more balanced. Curious to get others thoughts though.

Edit: I’ll add that it’s also very walkable which was a key factor in my joining.