Roll Call: Pittsburgh and Western PA

Yeah man, for sure we’ll get a few rounds in

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Anybody want to try to get out and play somewhere either Sunday 4/24, Thursday 4/28, or Friday 4/29?

Ok my Pittsburgh trip is here!

Need a lunch spot near the airport. Local taco or sandwich place would be ideal. Got anything for me?

Paging @ballgame

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If you want the Pittsburgh experience, Primanti Bros. is always brought up. I personally think it’s overrated, but there’s one right outside the airport. I usually get the steak and cheese, wife’s a fan of the capicola and egg

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You bite your tongue! Pirmantis is Delicious.




Pastrami & Egg from Primanti’s at the airport and flip off Bar Symon on your way to the Franco statue.


I am staying in Cranberry Township next week and hoping to play the 18th/19th. Any must play courses? Good lunch spots also appreciated, thanks!

I like Cranberry Highlands - not sure if it’s considered a must play but a good course.

I’d agree with Cranberry Highlands. Not must play but probably the best in the area. Olde Stonewall is pricey and 30-40 minutes north of cranberry but worth it.

Food wise, alot of chain stuff unfortunately. Mad Mex is my favorite spot. Good margaritas and good beer selection.

You were spot on, the burrito was excellent!

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Hey everyone! Just wanted to spread the word of our fundraiser outing hosted at Chestnut Ridge Resort in Blairsville, PA.