Roll Call: Perth, WA

Hey man, welcome aboard! We mostly just use whatsapp these days. Hopefully @MG82 can send you a DM to get your details and add you to the group? We were in the process of organizing a round but then all the craziness happened.

Welcome @ZNDavis! Pretty much as what Izak said above. DM me your number and will get you into the WhatsApp group. Hopefully the courses open again this weekend…

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Haha, sorry for the confusion —I’m a stupid American who was making a joke about @wh0cansay’s great choice in profile pictures. I definitely have seeing y’all’s corner of the world on my bucket list though.

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Welcome @wh0cansay! Looks like we should be good to golf as of this weekend so we’re trying to get a meet-up happening soon. Kwinana on Feb 14 is a tentative starter… where are you based?

Hi Perth Roll Call,

I’m trying to gauge interest if there is enough interest to start a Roost club in Australia.
Likely to be a 2023 launch due to the need to make it feasible in Australia
If you’re interested, add your name to the link below - you don’t need to be a Nest member, but there is a minimum number of Nest members required to launch the team

Two things:

  1. I’m in
  2. What am I in for?

Hey all, looks like this thread has been pretty quiet, but I’ll give it a go anyway. I’m moving down to Perth in September for 6 months from the US, looking for some tips for finding the best/cheapest/value courses in the area. Down for joining something private if possible as well, but I realize the 6 months time frame makes that difficult. I’ll be living and working in the CBD. Thanks in advance!

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Hey brother, the quietness of this thread is very on brand for Perth!

There’s a bunch of good value for money public courses within a 30 minute drive of the CBD that you can walk for less than AU$45 on the weekend (even cheaper during the week).

I would recommend you check out:

  1. Wembley (two 18 hole courses & apparently the busiest golf complex in the southern hemisphere)
  2. Collier Park (27 holes)
  3. Carramar (a ton of kangaroos on the course)
  4. Maylands Peninsula (pretty flat but some nice views of the Swan River)
  5. The Springs Club (super fun 9 hole course with insane greens)
  6. Whaleback (tight piece of property, but the only course with topgolf balltracking on the range)
  7. Point Walter (interesting 9 hole course which has one of the worst golf holes in the country)

Lake Claremont and Embleton are both fun little par 3 courses that deserve a mention.

There are great courses a bit further out of town that are a bit pricier but still under AUD$100 to play:

  1. Joondalup (Must play)
  2. The Links Kennedy Bay (Must play)
  3. The Cut (Must play)
  4. Kalgoorlie (7 hour drive/train from Perth to a medium sized mining town but worth the weekend trip)
  5. Meadow Springs (Highly recommend)
  6. Sun City (Highly recommend)
  7. The Vines (Semi Private) (Highly recommend)
  8. Secret Harbour (Highly recommend)
  9. Albany (5 hour drive from Perth but in my favourite town in the state & well worth a weekend trip)
  10. Kwinana (Semi Private) (Highly recommend)
  11. Hartfield (Semi Private) (Highly recommend)
  12. Gosnells (Semi Private)
  13. Melville Glades (Semi Private) @mcoates17 is member here I think?
  14. Sea View (Semi Private)

On the private golf front I’m a little out of my depth but it might be real tough to play at let alone join the more exclusive private clubs around town:

  1. Lake Karrinyup (Best course in state but unless you know someone who’s a member don’t even bother)
  2. Western Australian
  3. Cottesloe
  4. Mount Lawley
  5. Royal Perth
  6. Royal Fremantle

If you’re keen on private membership your best bet would be to reach out to some of the semi private courses above to express some interest in joining for 6 months as an international visitor. I wouldn’t be surprised if one of them would let you join for 6 months at a reduced rate.
Most public courses also have some type of “membership” for like $200ish a year where you can play in comps and maintain a handicap if that is something you’re interested in.

If you need anything, feel free to shoot me a DM. I’m always happy to provide info/advice and offer up my sherpa services on and off the course!


Wow great list! Thanks so much. I’ll be sure to reach out once I get there in September.


yes I’m a member at Melville Glades, we are however a full private club (they do let social groups on occasionally but this will be ceasing soon as our membership is bursting at the moment), only way to get on at the moment is by being a guest of a member, which Im happy to do

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My man @TheFifth has got you covered extensively above so all I’ll add is if you wana weird/fun round out in the boonies then have a look at El Caballo in the Perth hills. Cracker of a course with some mental greens just over an hour from the CBD if you have a car.

Drop us a line when you get over & we’ll get a round lined up :+1:t2:

Edit - also, whereabouts in the States are you coming from? My wife is American if you get homesick & need to hear the accent :+1:t2::joy:

FYI the new drop of items at has landed on the store in time for balls in the air at The Open!


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What up NLU fans WA. Only just realised this community exists, having consumed a ton of NLU content like a crazed drug addict for the last 3 years.

Keen to be involved in whatever Perth/Aussie golf shenanigans you guys have going.

Confession - I’m a Pom. But love golf like life itself. Member of a metro private club but keen to expand my horizons and also get a bit frustrated with the same old same old, twice a week every week.

Roost sounds awesome. Is that still being planned for 2023?

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G’day Sandgropers, I’m planning a trip out west in a couple of months. What’s happening at Links Kennedy Bay - still doing renos? When is it expected to reopen?

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Hello gents, and welcome!

We have a pretty quiet corner of the Refuge here since the paywall kicked in. Few folks spread throughout the metro area though & we’ve had a few small scale but thoroughly enjoyable meetups. If there is a Roost, I would imagine it’ll be Australia or ANZAC as a whole to start with - doubt a WA one would be sustainable as yet!

@RoofyQ - where do you play out of? If you wana drop me a DM with your number I can add you in to the WhatsApp group we have (also very sleepy!) which is often easier for organising rounds.

@oldmannoodles - found this on the Links KB Facebook page though website says 2023 for construction of course to finish; will be interesting to see how they have done it. Only played there once but it was fantastic.

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Commiserations on the Pomhood! But don’t worry you’re in good company, @MG82 and @OliT are too. Once everyone is (back) in town, we’ll have to organise something for sure!


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