Roll Call: Perth, WA

G’day all,

Looking for anyone on here from Perth, WA. I try and play as much as I can, mostly on the weekends, but I get some twilight rounds in after work. If anyone wants to grab a round and few beers after, hit me up here.



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Sick! Welcome man, as far as I know there is myself & @D.Crad as the Refugees from here, though there may be other lurkers and a few of the guys in the Sydney Thread are either originally from WA or head over every now & then for family stuff. Where do you normally play?

Feel free to hit me up on here or via PM & we can try get a round in at some stage. We could maybe even start up a Chapter for the RACDG (cc @The_Cad_Says)


will shout when I’m over around Christmas :+1:t2:


Excellent. Have you guys done many meet-ups over in the East?

Dying to get our first Oz chapter up and running!

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Thanks @MG82, I did have a little look through the Sydney thread. My good pal @imac25 told me about this forum. I am a member of a social club so get to play a few varied courses around Perth. I am up for playing anywhere really. what about yourself?

I like the idea of that, what would need to be done to get that up and running? (@The_Cad_Says)

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Sounds good @BD8, I am overseas until the 4th Jan, if you’re still around in Perth, lets try and get a round in.

@The_Cad_Says what would be involved?

Not much. Just declare yourselves up and running!

The only requirement is that you agree to accept the Constitution amongst yourselves and then organise The Shut once a year to find your Champion Golfer. Other than that, just have fun.

It’s not simply Refuge based so feel free to pull in outsiders as well.

Ultimately the group is designed to get people of a similar disposition a place to enjoy playing together. There is a GCA appreciation that’s part of it but not essential.

You need to vote one person as the Captain for the year. I’ll then add that person to the Captains Table WhatsApp group.


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I would also say that the RACDG is in its infancy still but we have very big plans for it. Right now we’re just getting everyone up and running but the ambition is a worldwide group of individual chapters that provides fellowship wherever you go in the world. So, if you’re a member in WA you’re also a member in the U.K., NE America etc. When travelling you can hook up with other members and play in their events.

We’re working on inter chapter events. We’ve already got a Ryder Cup match between EU members and US members all travelling to Sand Valley next year the days before the actual Ryder Cup. I’m also hoping to start a regular comp where all the Champion Golfers around the world get together for a big match to find the best golfer of the year.


@The_Cad_Says sounds good, I am definitely interested!

Ryder cup match sounds amazing!!

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There is some pretty wild stuff on this forum, especially as it’s pretty American-centric obviously, and reading the threads after they’ve sort of reached their natural conclusion can be both amazing & almost like you’ve missed out somewhat, especially anything game show (shoutout @Lazstradamus) related :rofl:

Would that be Perth Golf Network that you’re a member of? Was considering joining that, but I can really only play on weekends so wouldn’t have got that value of the mid-week comps. I play mainly at Maylands in their Platinum comps, but try & get out to a different course every couple of weeks, especially as Saturdays at most munis here can be a bit of a zoo. I ask this of every golfer in Perth, but have you played Binningup yet? Google Lakewood Shores if not, place is a proper hidden gem.

Shall we declare the WA RACDG Chapter open, or do we need to play a round first @The_Cad_Says ?! Full RACDG info for you @OliT. I’m away from Tuesday next week til September 10 so might have to wait til i’m back to get something sorted, but i’m also hoping to get a round in with His Grace (!) whilst away, so i’m sure we can talk turkey about getting this off the ground.

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Have had a few rounds and a few beers with @imac25 and temporary sydneysider @pward28

I now have reciprocal rights at Cott, WA, Royal Perth and Mount Lawley so looking forward to checking a couple out the next time I’m over :+1:t3:

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Just say you’re operational and you’re operational :slight_smile:

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Has anyone played Sun City since the OCCM work?

Sheesh, only 4 of the best courses over here :open_mouth::flushed:

I’ve played Mt Lawley with my ex missus’ old man who is/was a member, know the super at W.A. who will get me on at some stage, and have heard great things about Cott & RP, so you’re laughing :+1:t2:

Mate played at Sun City two weeks ago & his cart died on the 7th :joy: That’s why you walk or are part of #pushcartmafia though, right?

Also even though I’m over the other side of the island I have to put in my vote for Sea View to host any future RACDG event, has to be the most #woke course in town right?


I visited Perth and Melbourne almost two years ago, and had a blast playing Sea View. My Airbnb was just down the street, and I could play it in under 90 minutes and still get to the beach before 9:00 AM. I want to go back.

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@MG82 I joined Future Golf, they have a social club all over AUS. We play every fortnight at various courses. Standout courses i have played with them so far are Royal Freo and Cott. The comp days dont always work for me, so i do miss a few. I have been told about Binningup course, had a google and it does look great. Another good little 9 hole course is the Springs Club formally Armadale Golf Course but has been bought over and renovated and is as great 9 hole course.

I reckon we declare the WA RACDG Chapter open. Mid September sounds good to me, I am way overseas until then.

@BD8 Royal Perth and Mount Lawley are on my hit list, I played Cott a couple of months ago and had a great time there. I played Suncity a few months back, again great course, although was a shotgun start and my starting hole was the 15th which was at the other end of the course!!

I havent played Sea View yet but would be up for playing that with you guys.


5-8 is a serious good stretch, good ratio of dog walkers to golfers, a+ golf ball warning sign, and the duck waffles at il lido over the road from the 5th green are insane.

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