Roll Call: Orlando, FL Golfers

Good to see you got the full Florida experience


It was the icing on the cake

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Got out and played Metro West this weekend. Looks like it is definitely on track to be revived…eventually. It definitely still has a long way to go. The greens are in pretty good condition, hard but not too fast yet. Still kind of expensive for the state it was in but glad I played it. Will likely give it another go after another year of its rehab.

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The amount of car traffic that goes through WP9 is unreal. In my two hours there, I saw multiple emergency vehicles speeding through the neighborhood.

Blockquote i wish i had played OCN just to try and see the LIV infrastructure/circle range

OCN is my home course and it’s really more of an annoyance than anything. Cart path only, chipping and putting greens closed, etc.

Down in Orlando from Columbus. Playing Country Club Orlando through a charity auction and got an extra spot! Sunday at 12:45. $110.

If anyone is interested send me a message. Cheers


Played it for around $150 this past weekend. MORE than worth it. Most enjoyable round I’ve had in a while. Course is in great condition. LOVED IT!


Out of curiosity, what are the resort courses you’re referring to?

I’m looking at Bay Hill or Copper Head to experience a PGA course, prices are definitely a bit steep but hopimg it’s worth it to have played one of them.

I think Bay Hill is the better experience and was cheaper. Played Copperhead yesterday for the first time, it’s fine but definitely overpriced.


If you play the right tees, Bay Hill is a blast.

I’m eyeing the yellow tees, on the short end of my usual but don’t think it’s possible to make “too many” birdies!

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What about a 2nd round on Bay Hill, versus a round on The Island Course at Innisbrook?

This is always a debate for me when traveling, experience more courses or experience the same course more fully?



Good to know, that one is not recommended sounds like!


100% the way to go.

Also, you can give yourself the option to try the Bryson Line on #6


I’ve got an am TT at Eagle Creek this coming Sunday if anyone would like to join. (tis full)