Roll Call: Orlando, FL Golfers

Come Hang.

Year round DST moving its way through the legislature you say?
Golfing after work in the Wintertime you say?
Rumors of PGA Superstore to Altamonte… you say? EDIT: 2/24/18 per @firstteetom


Headed down to Orlando March 9th for business, will have the weekend free and would love to hook up with some Refugees for some golf! (Aka: have you guys get me in at the resident rate) :rofl:

Let me know if you are wanting to play something in particular, or I can provide some suggestions.

PGA TOUR Superstore in Altamonte opens February 24


Heading there in March. Gonna be eyeing this thread…

My in-laws live in Maitland. I try to play every time we get down there to visit especially because we usually spend either Thanksgiving or Christmas in the area.

Any recommendations for good courses more in the North Orlando area close to Winter Park/Maitland? I’ve mostly been playing down by Disney: Falcon’s Fire, Hawk’s Landing, Champions Gate. I like the courses down there but it’s just such a hike back to North Orlando and I-4 sucks.

I’ve played the 9-hole muni in Winter Park which is actually pretty awesome but looking for a nice 18 hole course.

Of course I can always give Sir. Faldo a call and get on Interlachen.

Interlachen 100%
and obviously the WP9.

Public wise, the north side of town doesn’t compete with the resort area courses that you mentioned above.
There are a few good courses north and west of Maitland about 30-35 minutes (Red Tail, Black Bear), but wouldn’t recommend any Public courses North of downtown (or downtown) as a “need to play”.

30 minutes west is Orange County National which hosted Q-School Finals for many years. 36 holes there that are top class.

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Thanks. Orange County National has definitely been on my radar.


Is Bella Collina private or still open to the public? Saw it on Golfnow.


worth taking a 2? hour drive to Streamsong or save that for a separate dedicated trip?

“Private” but they will add tee times randomly on GN.
Worth it if you can get on there. Coolest clubhouse you’ll ever visit for a non-pga stop.

Streamsong is neat. We’ve done day trips there and think its worth the drive, but if you are coming in from out of town, make a weekend out of it and do 54.

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Curious the stats of the Grand Cypress these days. It was our home away from home growing up and probably the place I’ve spent the most time golfing outside my home club in NJ. Love the North/South/East but haven’t been down there in years since my folks now live around Palm beach. Would love to know if Grand Cypress is taken over by or still a great spot. It was for resort guests originally so we would play 36 a day for long weekends. Towards the end of us going down it became very crowded with outside play which made a full day of golf tougher. I know a lot of LPGA players used to practice out of the academy there.

We have played 36/day there in October for the past 3 years now, with some other occasional rounds sprinkled in throughout the year when I am in town for Business. My dad and brothers meet in Orlando every fall for a 3 day outing, and that is one that we always leave in the rotation. (We have never stayed at the Cypress resort) We love it. You get so many different looks with the 3 nine-hole combo options, and we always play the New Course in the afternoon as it gives a nice contrast to the style of golf you play in the morning. Staff has always been great to us, pace of play was reasonable, and they course is always in great shape. We played it a week after the hurricane went through the area, and there wasn’t a broken tree limb anywhere on the property.

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Agree with Bella Colina, nice course cool clubhouse. Not far from there is a course called Sanctuary Ridge; it is not top notch shape, but the layout and elevation changes are almost never seen in Florida courses.

Always play here when the local rate is reasonable

I have never once been let down.

You guys, the Bermuda is starting to grow back.
Fairways are turning green again.

I will be down for business in March, I would love to do an early AM round on either the 10th or 11th! Let’s get a game going.

working on a 4-ball for Saturday morning. (3,6,8 Handicaps in our group).
Looking at OCN right now, GC is sold out all day Saturday, any other options you are looking at?

OCN would be just fine! Never played there, but I hear it’s great. I also was eyeing up Bella Colinna. I always play GC when I am down there, so I was looking to switch it up this time. I am good with whatever.
Current handicap is 8.2 perhaps somewhat padded by a lot of home course rounds.

Hey @paul , I am out for this Saturday, as the Bay Hill Volunteer breakfast is in the AM.

Escort Marshaling again this year, and the Tiger Crowds will be large.