Roll Call: Orlando, FL Golfers

Just a short drive across the state and I’ll have you dialed like the old Verizon guy

I might even give you my resume :wink:


I really need to do this

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Does anyone want to play Grand Cypress Golf Club - Links Course on Saturday, March 18th? Tee sheet looks wide open, and I’m available any time that day.

cc: @Big_RanDeer

I have 4 tickets to the Arnold Palmer for Friday (tomorrow) that i can’t use. General admission.

Anyone interested, $100 for all 4?


I will be down for work that weekend and would be down to potentially play somewhere

Anyone done the stay n play at Bay Hill, any recommendations or things to watch for? I’m looking for something short, probably just 2 nights and rates aren’t terrible IMO for May. Hoping to play on property in the morning, then get out to some other courses in the area after lunch both days. Playing a PGA course is on the bucket list, friends and I have been going to the API tournament for a couple years now so Bay Hill seems like a good option for quick trip.

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You let me know, I’m happy to book a twosome. I want to play regardless.

I ended up booking as a single at Grand Cypress Golf Club - Links Course on 3/18 for 12:10pm if anyone is feeling frisky.

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What are they charging?

$180 for a dumb ass out of towner like me.

Mama mia

Worth it

Just sayin


Hey folks- I’m coming to town tonight for work, staying through next Wednesday. I’m making the pilgrimage to Streamsong on Saturday, and planning to play GC and Eagle Creek on Sunday (AM & PM respectively) (gonna be a zombie Monday). Would be happy to meet up if anybody is getting out on Sunday afternoon somewhere else and has a spot, or am hoping to checkout WP9 either tomorrow or Friday late in the day. Lmk if anybody wants to get together to play

:crossed_fingers: the forecast improves :crossed_fingers:

Which course?

Hoping so. Morning looks like it will be OK, afternoon is a toss up. Playing Red & Black- Doak courses are more generally accessible to me than a C&C or Hanse so opted for those two

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There’s a skins game @ Wp9 that goes off on Fridays at 530. Probably can walk in on that if you’re so inclined. 20 or 25 is the entry and the standard 18-20$ for 9 holes greens fee.

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Any insight on just walking up at wp9 if the tee sheet is supposedly full? My afternoon just freed up so was going to see about getting an extra loop in

Probably a 50/50 chance of getting out. Might depend on who’s working or if anyone has cancelled last minute. They have the Friday skins game starting at 5pm today that you could probably get in on.

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So my takeaways after the last 4 days of golf as a Coloradan in Orlando

  • Eagle Creek is excellent value, especially at an after 2pm slightly reduced rate; has a lot of good things going for it at a fraction of the cost of literally every resort course
  • WP9 is a cult classic for good reason. Vibes are unreal
  • Streamsong is in fact #sick. I preferred Red to Black personally, mostly because i found the majority of black less visually interesting outside of the green complexes (which are bananas). Felt like the shot value on red was really good
  • Grand Cypress was cool, construction makes it a little weird, and carts feel not good out on a course like that but what are you gonna do
  • The resort courses seem generally not worth it, although conditioning is good if youre just desperate to get out somewhere convenient.

Some other related tidbits:

  • brisket on SS Red is next level, and im a snob
  • the Cuban on SS Black might top the shrimp and lobster
  • i wish i had played OCN just to try and see the LIV infrastructure/circle range
  • non residents at WP9 were VERY confused about the 8 or 9-some playing in the Friday skins game
  • we also saw a high speed police chase around WP9 after some dude held up an Ulta! I think there was legitimate reason to be concerned for safety while it was happening so hopefully nobody got hurt. And if not, then in that case it was also #sick

Thanks for all of the info posted and archived in this thread. Have been able to make the most of the last 4 days down here in the swamp largely due to everything contained here! If anybody finds their way to Denver, please hit up our roll call thread, its a great group and wed love to take you out.