Roll Call: Omaha/Lincoln

I got out to hit a few the past two Saturdays. Keep these 60 degree weekends coming.

I got 18 in Saturday at Pacific Springs.

First 9 of the year under par!! Whoop whoop.

All in all i played fine. New shoes only gave me a minor blister, but they should be gtg from here on out.


My friend was in the group ahead of him! Sounded like a cool scene


I played 9 on the front 9 at eagle. Both par 5s playing down wind turned it into a Par 34 real quick. Probably the best 9 in the area to shake some dust off.

Had to join to comment on this. Long time stalker, first time poster. I was ahead of the two guys when one of them had a hole in one. Didn’t see the shot, but I heard them yelling and saw the guy sprint up to the green. He was pretty pumped to say the least.

@chipcaffey Were you the guy who hit a couple shots on the first tee with me and then headed back to the range? Would be glad to join you for a round another time. My membership is only for the executive course, unfortunately, but I try to get out once or twice per week.


CC: @jefranks30 This is absolute gold. Top three embarrassing moments of my life. I was just typing this up before I scrolled down and saw @puhing10’s post: “Did your buddy also tell you about the moron that rushed up to the first tee box short of breath to pair up ahead of the father son group, only to dead shank two in a row and cower with his tail between his legs back to the range. Well yeah that was me and this is my story.” You’re crazy for asking to join me for another round after that display, but I’d be up for it. :rofl: I’ll shoot you a DM with my info.


Man, tough scene. That is an incredible story haha

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Omaha Gang, going to try to get out and play this weekend. My club (Players Club) isnt opening until next week or so, thinking about playing johnny goodman or benson if anyone is interested.


Separate Post… I’d love to hear top 3 Private/Public Nebraska Courses people have played so people can hopefully see the gold that is Nebraska golf.

Top 3 Private:

  1. Sandhills
  2. Omaha Country Club
  3. Dismal River

Top 3 Public:

  1. Prairie Club
  2. Wildhorse
  3. Pending: Landmand (If you know you know)

FYI…Tregaron is doing a $16 per person with cart (not a big cart guy) on Saturday Feb 29th.

Decent deal to get a round in…

My list:


  1. Sand Hills
  2. OCC
  3. Arbor Links


  1. Wild Horse
  2. Wild Horse (its that good)
  3. Tatanka

There are way more fantastic public options out there than that, including Quarry Oaks, Awarii Dunes, and tbh, Benson. I love Benson. Criminally underrated. Johnny Goodman is fine too.

I need to make a trip to Dismal and Valentine though. Both glaring omissions in my “courses i’ve played in nebraska” list.


I’d be down to join you at Benson.

What times do you normally play at Players? I usually play sunday mornings with my dad and his buddies, but normally play out at Shadow. Word is theyre targeting a mid march open with good weather.

We’ve got a group of 8 of us looking to tee off around noon at benson on Saturday. Their tee sheet for the weekend isn’t open yet. I think we’ve got our groups pretty figured out but would be great to meet some Refugees if you guys are around.

I’m in, assuming my wife is feeling better by then. (probably about a 20% chance if i’m being realistic)

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Perfect, I’ll keep an eye out for Wayne Rooney!

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Top 3 Private:

  1. Sand Hills
  2. Arbor Links
  3. Firethorn

I’m guessing Happy Hollow cracks this list after the Am this summer.

Top 3 Public:

  1. Wild Horse (one of my top five favorite courses, period)
  2. Indian Creek
  3. Awarii Dunes

They probably wouldn’t move in the rankings, but I think Arbor and Awarii would be much better without bentgrass or whatever soggy stuff they have is called.

I can probably make a noon at Benson work as well. Have afternoon obligations, so it would be in my best interest to finish up around 4:30. Sounds like we may have three with myself, @Mwilhelm10, and @aannddyy00 in addition to the 8 with the @jefranks30 crew. I’m sure we can find a fourth between now and then.


Currently awaiting clearance from my flu-battling wife now.

Message from 3:07 still unread, shes probably napping. Would be a gametime decision either way depending on how she’s feeling though.


I’m in as part of the @jefranks30 crew. Looking like a great February day for golf!

We’re making @chipcaffey tee off first and he has to hit 3 wood

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