Roll Call: Omaha/Lincoln

Any fellow residents of the Good Life here?


I’m in Omaha, I mostly play at Field Club. How about you?

I’m out at Shadow Ridge. A friend of mine used to play over there though.

I’m in Lincoln. Not a member anywhere right now but like to play all over.

I lived in Lincoln for 8 years when I was in school and loved it. I played a ton of rounds at Pioneers, Highlands, Holmes, The Links and Hidden Valley. I always thought Lincoln had really fun public courses.

Did Shadow Ridge get their course back at all this year? Last I heard earlier this Summer you guys had some turf issues with a remodel.

its been a total pain in the ass.

Back 9 closed last fall. Opened this spring.

Front 9 closed for winter, and didnt open until about a month ago. the front is playing as a par 33 right now. #2 is playing as a 305 yard par 4. and 7 is playing as a 130 yard par 3.

Its going to be awesome once it all grows in.

Two fully rebuilt greens on the back. #12 is looking like shit.

Overall though, i like all the changes they made. Its more playable for higher handicappers, and it offers more chances and risk for better players.

Omaha - play at Platteview CC and ArborLinks

Love Arbor Links. Played in the state two ball the last year they had it. Played it before my wedding down at Arbor Day Lodge. And a couple other random times.

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You play Shadow Ridge since the renovation? Heard its sweet, I didn’t mind the course before. I have a double eagle on #7 (humble brag).

I play about 3 times a week.

Renovations are going to be awesome once its all grown in.

I just missed a double eagle by an inch on 16 during the member member this year. The group ahead of me told me it lipped out and i was left with 5 inches for eagle.

Lincoln for me. Originally from Gothenburg and am a member at Wild Horse. Most of my rounds are at WH but play all over Lincoln and Nebraska to be honest.

I was a member out at Wild Horse for 3 years when i was single. I’d drive out from Omaha every weekend. Love that place.

Hey, an Omaha group! I’m in Bellevue and play pretty much wherever I can get off on the weekends. Hoping to join a club once kids get a bit older.

I’ve never played Shadow but I have seen photos of the renovations and they look incredible! Arbor is one of my favorites around here, sad that they went private. I’m still able to get out there every once and awhile.

I’m part of a group of 8-10 guys that usually sneaks in a Western NE golf trip every year using the Golf Passport, and we’re heading to KC this year as well to try some of those courses out too.

Can’t wait for this darn snow to stop!

I’m currently living in Lincoln. I utilized the golf passport this past year like many others to change things up. I’ve lived all around the country and I can honestly say the city courses here are some of the best. They all have a different style and it’s enjoyable to mix up rounds for such a cheap price. (Unlimited walking month to month for $125) My co workers wife is the GM at Platteview CC so we play quite a few rounds there as well.

I havent played too much outside the state. But i do know that i really like Omahas munis. Benson and Johnny Goodman in particular.

Benson is my jam. Logged more than 30 rounds there this year. Goodman’s new cart paths are horrendous and that place seems like its always a mud pit. Fun green complexes though.

$125 a month to walk those course is an absolute deal-- Im in Omaha and wish they did something like that. In your opinion do you think the Lincoln muni’s are worth driving from Omaha to play? Looking to mix it up a bit next year, feel like i played all 50+ rounds on the same 3 courses here in Omaha.

Lastly-- I see you have a dog in your profile pic with your sticks at a range. Have you found any courses that will allow dogs on the course? Thats something I’d love to be able to do but never really looked into or talked to anyone about.

Thanks mate!

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Willow Lakes is a good one! Only Robert Trent Jones course in the area. It has water on 17 out of the 18 I believe so be careful of that! They did unfortunately get somewhat wiped out by a tornado a couple years back so a lot of the course is still recovering. If you’re used to Benson or Goodman it’s at least on par with those, I’d say I even prefer it. The back 9 has 3 par 3s and 3 Par 5s which is kinda fun

Good intel here… what can you say about Tregaron? I like to walk, but that one seems to weave in and out of neighborhoods (aerial mapped it). Courses that do that tend to make for grueling walks.

You’re correct, Tregaron isn’t great to walk unless you really like getting your steps in. It has a good layout tho and a decent amount of strategy. A lot of risk/reward par 4s and some gettable Par 5s. I prefer Tregaron to Willow but I might be in the minority there. Like willow it is still in recovery mode from the tornado (the two courses basically touch each other at one point). Both are definitely worth the drive down here if you’ve never played them.