Roll Call: Omaha/Lincoln

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Hey Hey Chrevrolet!
Look what we did today!
Come all and play,
Just two hours away!!!

Hey there folks… anyone interested in the Roost threads that can’t see them? Perhaps you’ve been on the outside looking in? We’ve got some events coming your way in the next year, and one just a short drive from you next month!

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Have a 10:02 at Indian Creek Monday morning, playing the PBank tourney routing Black to Grey. If it’s not too windy we might mess around and play the tips (couple of 3 caps punching ourselves in the face there). Looking for one or two if you want in.

I should be in if you still have an open spot.

I can’t promise I, as a 17, will play the tips though

You’re in

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LOL, completely agree with Benson love that place. As far as private I’ll have to hit you up next summer when we drive out there for Shadow ridge.

Not from the area but come out every year. Loved Indian Creek especially playing the week after the korn ferry tour. I still had more fun at Benson though love that place.

I was disappointed to see so many tees up yesterday (8, 9(!), and 17 at least).

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Watched 4 groups come through 9 waiting for the group I was going to follow. 6 players banged it through the right trees and ALL of them had a clear shot to the green. Couldn’t believe it.

I wonder if they move 'em up on Friday to speed up pace of play? But, yes, I made note that if I choose to “play the tips” I’ll go ahead and skip the way back on 9 because so did they! Realistically, anything more than the regular black tees wouldn’t be the fun adventure I think it might be.

Omaha thread - KFT at Indian Creek discussion:

Has anyone ever heard what the main factor to not choosing the Red course was? I would guess it’s the atrocious first hole. I suppose you also get a bit less variance with the 3 par 4’s in a row going the same direction. I think they chose wisely but I would enjoy watching groups come through Red #6 and trying to thread long irons through that little gap in the trees to get on in 2.

Overall, this is just my opinion, Red is the worst 9 there. It doesn’t have the capability to stretch out like they have done to Gray/Black, and those two provide a harder, more comprehensive test then swapping out Red for either of them, even if it is a haul going from Black to Gray.


At least Black 8 and Gray 2 up today. Gray 3 playing from 245 cover, 280 flag. Tour is SOFT.

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When we played it for regionals we tended to agree the Ted greens were more undulating and had the more tricky reads. I actually liked it as the best nine. Or at least the most fun nine out there.

I def dislike Red the most, can’t tell how much of that is my distaste for the opening hole and seemingly Red is the first 9 whenever it’s in the rotation. That said, difficulty wise I think Grey is the easiest? Pretty sure my average there is the lowest but I’m playing blues and flying the traps on 1 and 2. It’s only saved for the pros by making Grey #2 a par 4. Which, for the shorter third of the field, without a south wind, is a tuff scene. The green slopes front to back and dudes hit 3w sometimes. Love a random observer saying “nice birdie” within earshot of guys who just made a par 4.

Grey 100% has the best vibes in terms of a few old growth trees and lack of surrounding housing. For tourney spectating it’s also nice how Grey and Black interact on the last 4 holes.


I’ve never played the gray so I’m pumped for Monday. The one time I played it last year we went red to black and the greens were punched and sanded


Take my post with a grain of salt! I would still play Red twice over i think every other public course in Omaha except benson or Goodman. I’m just not sure it’s in the best combo of 9’s


FYI - going to cancel a couple Landmand tee times on Sept 22nd and 23rd in case anyone wants to jump on them.

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The par 4s on the Reds leave very little to be desired. They’re all (mostly) dead straight with very little penalty for hitting offline tee shots and the green complexes are not nearly on par with Greys or Blacks.

If 12pm on the 23rd was one that you dropped, I appreciate you.

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