Roll Call: Omaha/Lincoln

Some people at my office were there last week and I had heard it was, as the kids say, not good. I’m sure this crossed your mind, but if you were willing to go out that far, had you considered Wild Horse? Not sure about availability this close, but they have cabins to stay in.

Not to the degree of losing all greens, but hearing several higher-end Nebraska courses having spotty issues due to a “tough winter” yet Benson and Miracle are in great shape? .shrugGIF

I also heard recently that DR was in really rough shape. Sounded like a, “I’ll just plan a trip next year” sort of scenario.

That stinks about Dismal. I know a lot of the smaller 9 hole courses are in pretty rough shape coming off the dry winter.

Most of the nicer courses I’ve played this year are in good shape though. Prairie Club is in near perfect condition. I’ll give Tatanka a B- for some spots on their greens and poor collars around some greens. Hartington and Crofton are in perfect shape.

Just got back from a 5 day NE loop.

Old Dane is dealing with some turf issues but is on the mend. Conditions 6/10. Guessing they are putting all their hours into Landmand.

Tatanka is an 8/10

Frederick Peak is flawless. 9.8/10

Prairie club is pristine. 9.5/10

Wild Horse is better than ever. 10/10 greens were rolling 13+ and fairways were bouncy and a joy.

I maintain my belief that Fred Peak is better than Prairie club.

The prairie club tee sheet was by no means full on the non member side on a weekend so I’m pretty sure you could call and go there instead of Dismal this year

I’ve also seen that Awarii lost all their greens too so we skipped that this year.


Fred Peak is a GEM

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Anyone else confirm this? Heading out to Wild Horse for 36 next week, looking for one other course to play the day before.

Go to Meadowlark Hills in Kearney instead… :man_shrugging:t2:

I was gonna say Meadowlark or Centura Hills I’ve seen people like. Awarii getting there but still using temp greens. Maybe worth a call if they switch soon.

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Yeah I’ve never golfed Centura Hills but I’ve heard it’s good from multiple people. Haven’t talked to anyone about it this year so not sure if it came out of the winter better than most or not.

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Our own @QMany moving on to the semi’s of the Nebraska Match Play. Go get 'em Q!


Thanks for the support! It was a hell of a run. I think I only made 9 bogeys all week (six rounds); unfortunately, 3 of those game within the Final Four back nine. A good start the to amateur season!

Also, that is a lot of golf for an old man :skull_and_crossbones:


I’m sorry, what?
Good lord Q!



Flushing it, mental game was really good, short game hands were making her dance, and my new SWAG was :fire:


I was following a bit on NGA twitter. Once you got to the 36 hole days was it pretty much carts for everyone? Although I guess I saw people talking caddies, that seems bananas to walk that many holes in that short amount of time.