Roll Call: Omaha/Lincoln

Good morning all! Anyone in the Omaha area available today to sub in my league at Indian Creek (weather permitting)? My group tees off at 4:54. Thank you!

Hearing reports that Spieth played OCC today. We got anyone in the bushes like the Oklahomans had for Tiger yesterday?


Need helicopter footage as well!

I actually know several of these names solely because of NLU content. In the Omaha thread for local golfer and frequent OCC club champ Patrick Duffy putting in a solid T8. I don’t know the guy at all, but super impressed that an Omaha based player is able to have his game in shape for that showing after the weather we’ve had.

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Anybody a member/know a member at Ashland? I’m looking into a membership and wondering if anyone had any “buyer beware” heads ups to give.

Did Tatanka close?

Not sure - but Idk who would miss that golf course

Nvm. They’re open. Just have a terrible online game. Tatanka is really fun/hard. It’s just run…uniquely.

Uniquely… :face_with_monocle: Solid choice of evaluating words. Ha.

They struggle to answer their phones consistently and haven’t updated their website or Facebook page in years…

It is a great course however. Love the layout and generally the conditioning is good. Greens could be a little faster but only a minor issue usually. Great setup with the multiple tee boxes. Can basically make the course as easy or super challenging as you would like. The farther back u get it becomes extremely challenging.

Sincerely classy 76 from our own @QMany today in local qualifying at OCC today in a 20 mph wind. If he wants to give a quick round and conditions recap I’d definitely read it. A four-under 67 won it and 72 needed to get into playoff to advance. Also notable for Danny Woodhead, known mostly for his NLU Wild World of Golf appearance, getting through with an even par 71.

I played at Benson today (pretty similar to OCC :wink:) and can hardly imagine trying to hold those rock hard greens out of that thick rough when it was getting gusty!


Thank you! Big ups to @huskerkyle for carrying the bag, it was hot and OCC is hilly as they come. I enter my rounds into DECADE, and the stats show exactly what I felt:

  • SG:OTT and SG:Approach were equal to “Top 25 Men’s College Golf”
  • -1.33 SG:ATG
  • -4.25 SG:Putting (despite making 20’ on 1 and 8).

The greens were firm and fast. I haven’t had a chance to putt outdoors much this year, and Indian Creek has been punched, sandy, and rolling 7. My ball striking is good, I just need to get better on and around the greens to compete/win.

  • Missed 6’ birdie on 2
  • Three 3-putts
  • Missed 7’ birdie on 16

Also, there are some grown-man golf holes out there from the tips. Par three 3rd was playing 256. The par four 8th and 18th were 483 and 465, respectively. Tight, uphill, and into the wind.

I’m really happy for Danny, he’s a good dude. We had lunch together after our rounds. He was in the group behind me and had a 5-person TV crew following him around the whole day, from the moment he got out of his car. 71 yesterday is incredible golf, just take a look at the other qualifiers:

  1. PRO. Clemson golf grad, Latin and KFT status, Publinks champion, played in Masters, etc.
  2. Kansas golf grad, Iowa amateur stalwart, Iowa Am champ, etc.
  3. DANNY!
  4. PRO. Iowa golf grad, Omaha golf royalty, 2021 US Open, dominated a stacked Sectional.
  5. PRO. Iowa golf grad, Omaha golf royalty, back-to-back-to-back-to-back Nebraska Am champ (including one at OCC).

Good stuff. No matter how much simulator, mat work, and putting line drills us Nebraskans do over the winter there is no substitute for the rhythms of golf. Hard to practice hitting chips into a 5 foot circle on fast greens after not having hit a chip shot for an hour or hitting out of rough. Plus, putting is like free throw shooting: doing it in repetitive practice is way different than in the moment, after a break, when you’ve got one chance and it counts. You have to be able to get some quality rounds in and it’s been a tough one.

With the course playing that long and losing 4.25 SG putting, that’s quite the 76 from an amateur!