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See you folks next week!

If there are any weekend tickies flying around these parts, shoot me a note!


Hell yeah! Looking forward to it man!

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Quite possible. At least for 9.

Is @sundaybag joining in one of the Supercell events?

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Wednesday night Ill be there.


If anyone is interested in volunteering at #10 at the PGA, just got this email (likely a result of my own cancellation and maybe one or two others backing out:

Dear Hole 10 Marshalls,

Thank you so much for volunteering for the 2022 PGA Championship! I have spoke with many of you and those of you that I haven’t yet, I hope to during the week on-site at Southern Hills.

Unfortunately, due to some unforeseen circumstances we have had some volunteers have to cancel shifts and being this late in the process we are desperate to find replacements. If you would be willing to work an additional 1 or more shifts please e-mail me ASAP and I can add it to your schedule.

The shifts open are listed below:

1 needed for Thursday Morning

1 Needed for Friday Morning

1 Needed for Friday Afternoon

1 Needed for Saturday Morning

Thank you so much!


James Peachey
Email: [redacted, DM @jandywlu if you want to reach out to James about it]
Marshals Hole 10

Just in case anyone has some goodwill and a weekend to spare:


Bumping this. The Texas Cup this weekend looks like it will be a good time.
I cant make it personally, wife’s birthday! (Loaf is in Tulsa this weekend).

If you have a free weekend and want to golf for a good cause, get to their town and help them party down!


Looking to sell 2 Sunday tickets for the pga. Hit me up if interested!


paging @sundaybag

@KVV care to join us Wednesday night for some night golf at LaFortune Park if you have space in your schedule?


I am all sorted! Thank you sir.

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If you want to come on south a little earlier we have a spot to fill at the NLU TX Cup in East Texas this weekend at Pine Dunes.

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PGA Championship Tix

2 of the 8 tickets I bought were ear-marked for my boys. Turns out kids under 17 get in for free. I have 2 Sunday tickets I’d like to unload for face value ($225). If you’re interested hit me up directly. Thanks!

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Would get a huge kick out of this, but hard to say what my writing schedule will look like. Can I get back to you in a day or two?


“Good morning DAMON!” We can hold a spot for you, no worries there.


Happiest of Fridays to the Supercell


Damn I need that hoodie

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These visors are :fire: @HoselRocketeer


Elite taste in headwear and headcovers there, TD.