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Hey, it never hurts to have our own thread.

What is the best course in the state?
Any hidden gems?

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Best Private: Southern Hills
Best Public: Karsten Creek

Hidden Gems: OKC Golf and Country Club, Twin Hills, Lincoln West, Cedar Ridge, The Territory, Dornick Hills

Not sure two of the most well known country clubs in the city/state should be considered “hidden gems.”

I hadn’t heard of The Territory - looks like a fun course.

Hard to argue much with SMcGavin’s picks - though I think OKC and Twin Hills should be in the best private category as well. I’d say Lincoln West is pretty well known but is possibly the best muni in the city.

For hidden gems, I’ll always have a soft spot for Trosper - even if it may not always be in the best shape I think it has some of the better green complexes of a muni in the city. It’s been over a year since I’ve played there but I’d throw the Golf Club at Surrey Hills in the hidden gem category as well.


Hard to say OKCGCC or Twin are hidden gems - two of the best in the state. I’d also put TCC (Tilly) and Dornick right there behind Southern among the best.

The best public track in the state is Jimmy Austin, and I don’t think it’s particularly close. I like Karsten too, though.

Honestly, in most small OK towns, the country clubs aren’t terribly tough to get on - they’re willing to take the revenue. Muskogee Country Club (Maxwell - host a US Women’s Open), Cushing Country Club (Maxwell), and Hillcrest in Bartlesville are all good.

Also, one time I spent a wildly productive afternoon typing a completely unnecessary ranking of Oklahoma Goat Tracks.

"The MSM would like you to believe that courses like SHCC and Oak Tree stand alone among Oklahoma golf courses. Do these courses have “technically” pristine fairways? Sure. Do they have “holes cut neatly instead of with garden spade”? Maybe. Are their driving range balls all white? Yes.

None of these courses truly get to the spirit of Oklahoma golf. This list is an accumulation of my personal favorites.

  1. Cimarron National – Guthrie, OK - Aqua Canyon and “the National.” Aqua is a Par 70 playing at 6415 yards with a slope of 114 and a rating of 69.6. The National gives you 6,600 yards and a rating of 70.1. The drive up to the grand clubhouse will not disappoint.

  2. Grand Cherokee State Park Golf Course – Langley, OK - Everything that you would want from a classic Lake Dam layout. Views of the backside of the dam. Jeans appropriate. Just a classic layout in a picturesque setting. 9 holes. Par 72 (played 2x), 6236 yards, slope of 117, rating 70.1.

  3. Fairfax – Edmond, OK – The 6048 yard, slope 126, rating 70.6 seems tame, but Fairfax is toughest in early spring when the winds and rains come in. The fairways narrow to 6-10 yards in places, and any miss will likely bound deep into the unmowed woods and brush. Stroke-and-distance strictly enforced.

  4. Pryor Golf Club – Pryor, OK - (fka “Pryor Creek”) Pryor should be played in early spring., when it rains, the wind blows, and it sometimes snows.

  5. Lew Wentz – Ponca City, OK – Common thought would direct the out-of-towner on a golf vacation through middle Oklahoma to Ponca City, CC, a traditional Perry Maxwell design with small, tough greens. The gem of Ponca is at Lew Wentz Park, a 6261 yard par 71 layout (slope 125 rating 70.0).

  6. Stroud Municipal Golf Course – Stroud, OK – Few out of towners are familiar with this 9 hole, 3,146 yard par 35 (slope 118 rating 35.1), but this is the GOAT of goat tracks. Hole 6 is a modern classic, a 420 (?) yard par 5 that takes a 90 degree turn – take the risk reward route over the light rough and the one lone, medium sized tree, however, and you’ll be home in one. Hole 8 is kinda a Road Hole.The pro shop is a metal barn. You will get ticks.

  7. Perry Golf & Country Club – Perry, OK – Perry is 3,179 yards with miniature, bowl shaped greens that bound accurate PW’s at least 40 yards over the green. Soft and playable for about a month from June– July, the course is a concrete parking lot the other 11 months out of the year.

  8. The Canyons at Blackjack Ridge (fka Goat Hill) – Sand Springs, OK – Goat Hill is an OG - a 6113 yard par 71 with a slope of 125 and a rating of 69.5. The masterpiece lies on 11, 12. 11 is a 380 yard par 4 thatchallenges the golfer right from the tee ball, where the player can either elect to hit a 95 yard sandwedge to the only visible portion of the fairway to leave himself a three wood into the tiny green. Or, cut the corner over the top and never find your ball. Tip: it 100% bounded into the sh*t. On the par 3 12th, launch whatever club really, it’s a complete guess, down the 200 foot blind drop off a cliff.

9- Peoria Ridge – Miami, OK – (Pr. “MY-AM-UH” ) This 6,960 yard par 72 (rating 74.1; slope 127) gathers gale breezes coming off the manmade, concrete-bottomed retention pond that is the course’s signature feature.

  1. Sequoyah State Park (Hulbert, OK) – Pecans literally everywhere at this 5860 yard par 70 (Slope 109; Rating 66.7). Lining the fairways. In the holes.

Honorable Mentions (Iconic tracks too legitimate to make the top 10)

Cushing Country Club – Cushing, OK – “You know it’s a great track when the road into the golf course requires you to drive in the middle of the range.” - unknown

Mowhawk Golf Course – Tulsa, OK – Notice the monkey cage walking up the short par 4 14th at Woodbine. Is Pecan Valley still a par 68?

South Lakes Golf Course – Tulsa, OK – It opens up from there, so long as “there” is right."


Both OKC and Twin are unknown to 98% of the golfing world so that’s what I went off of. Completely disagree with Jimmie Austin, in no way is it better than Karsten. However, those two are head-and-shoulders above all other public tracks.

A “true” hidden gem is Roman Nose State Park up in Watonga, Feels like you are in a different world, and definitely a unique experience in Oklahoma.

I agree though about small towns in OK, there are some GOAT tracks out there but you can find some gems. Kingfisher has a course that lacks on layout but is always in great shape. Boiling Springs in Woodward is a lot of fun as well.


Thank you for this. Absolutely fantastic and I think it could make a great coffee table book. “Golfing in Oklahoma: Goat Tracks From Antlers to Wetumka*”

Two of my favorite goat tracks for consideration.

James E. Stewart – Oklahoma City, OK. 9 holes, 3,105 yards. One of my favorites even though there are often more weeds than grass on the greens. GCA aficionados would be fans - many half par holes and a lot of “native area” even though here, the native area consists of hard packed clay dirt and weeds. Don’t forget the sweet smell of fresh natural gas emanating from the pumper next to the 7th tee box. On a personal note, this course brings special level of excitement as it sits next to a high school that my high school controversially beat in the basketball state championship in an overtime game that resulted in many of their students and parents jumping/beating up many of our students and involved police helicopters and K-9 units. Although its been over a decade I feel the need to look over my shoulder every now and then. On the plus side, the green fee is like 10 bucks and you can typically play 9 in about 45 minutes.

Cedar Creek Golf Course – Broken Bow, OK 6,582 yards of pure narrow forest golf. Better shoot it straight and have clubs you don’t mind ruining as a slight miss results in a shot through the forest that contains as many rocks as it does dirt. When firm, some of the greens are diabolical. Luckily, however, the course is typically soaked providing all the plugged lies you could ask for. Many 150 yard tee shots into a 90 degree dogleg for an approach to an elevated green. This one could actually be a gem with a little work.

*Yes, yes. I know these are not the first and last names in an alphabetical list of Oklahoma towns but the book’s title would be boring if it were Achille and Yukon.


I love the idea of a coffee book. OKCGC and Twin are not hidden gems, but they are great courses. James Stewart is one my my favorite hidden gems. Also there is a 9 hole par 3 course in Mustang, Pebble Creek Golf Course, that is great to walk with some beers and a few clubs.

Karsten is hands down the best public course in the state.

James E. is great. I also love the sign on the clubhouse that says “No sagging in the clubhouse”, I would also love to contribute to a book, I now have 71 courses played in Oklahoma on my “courses played list”.

Another hidden gem: Chandler Golf Course. 9-holer with greens the size of a car hood, Donald Ross-style, slope off on all sides. Has a couple of holes right on the lake that have some great views.

Buffalo Rock Golf & Gun (Cushing CC) opened up to Public Tee Times. Had some friends play it and said they loved it, we were hoping to get around on it the weekend of the WVU/OSU Game.

For me I love getting around on Cedar Valley. May not be the most architecturally interesting course, but it’s fun and never too crowded so easy to get around in under 3.5 hours as opposed to trudging your way to a 4+ hour round anywhere else in the city.

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Happy to see there are fellow NLU junkies in OKLA.
For those who haven’t made it to Lake Murray, it’s definitely in the hidden gem category.
Bermuda greens that stay firm and fast no matter the rains!

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Haha definitely an interesting course. Also look in to hitting up Dornick Hills, really fun Perry Maxwell design.

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Hey fellas, just relocated from Wichita to OKC area. I am in immediate need of some folks to golf with.

I play as about a 10-12, anything low 80’s is a great round anything higher than mid 80’s is a bad one. I love long walks down the fairway, though they do not occur frequently.

Hollar at me here, or on twitter @WSUbrent.



Welcome to the even flatter lands! I live up around Cashion area, tend to spend a lot of my rounds around Cedar Valley because of the proximity and cost. Although after last weekend in the 40s with 15+ mph winds I may let my bag sit in the garage for a bit waiting on some better weather. This weekend isn’t sounding particularly inviting either.

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Thanks @MattStub! I gotta be honest though, there is a lot more elevation change in OKC than Wichita. I’ve driven by a few tracks around here and was really surprised at how different they look than what I was used to. Excited to get out, definitely keep me in mind as it looks like we’re less than half an hour from each other.

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Hey fellas up in Edmond. Play rose creek, the golf club of Edmond, kicking bird, and most of the local courses in OKC. If anyone is up for a round I’d love to find some guys to play with. I play with customers for work sometimes but mostly by myself.


Definitely in for this. Will PM you.


Anyone else planning to go to the Perry Maxwell Society event at Dornick on Saturday?

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To the OKC’ers on the Refuge, Mizzen + Main is opening what is only their third brick and mortar location in Classen Curve, opening this summer.


The Southern Hills write up is live on The Fried Egg. Solid write up and some great photos. Time to try and weasel my way on out there.