Roll Call: Oklahoma "The Supercell" - The Roost's Greatest Logo™

I have to back out as well. In what I fear will become a trend, my daughter’s travel basketball team has decided to “pick up” a tournament this weekend. So wonderful to add an extra tournament. Sorry all, and thank you for handling all this @jsmoove

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Thank you for organizing @jsmoove

Sorry Cole, Justin and Daren. I’ll be the spud of the group in awe of you guys with your + handicaps. I can play fast through.

Do I bring a boat? or are people walking? guessing cart path only after all this rain.

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Refuge Weather Desk’s version of local on the 8s.

Looks like Cushing just got over 1.5" of rain.

These are the important questions.
Chances of rain pretty much end later today.
The sun will be out tomorrow, dry/moderate N’ly winds all day.

Mid-50s maybe 60F at the start, Maybe 70F by the afternoon.
I see no problems outside of a WET golf course.

Whatever you choose, take care of your shoes.

No rain tomorrow


Good news if you wear waders you’ll still probably be over dressed in Cushing


I have an eye wear suggestion for muddy conditions. #iykyk


Almost went man down on the season opener. Tuff, but Chuck was on the scene.

Guys will be facing a little adversity at the Inaugural Supercell major, but nothing we didn’t expect.

Before the 9:30 tee, we’ll gather for a brief rules announcement. I’ll get eyes on course conditties in the AM, see you all out there.


Wanted to give everyone a quick snapshot of where we stand in terms of the folks qualified for the regional qualifier “play-in” tournament at our beloved John Conrad in June:

@Hoppock (March event winner/Survivor)
@ABR (March event winner)
@AgritouristSauce (April event winner)
@OliveLoaf (April event winner/Survivor)
@Smith16 (Survivor)
@MagicLoogie (Survivor)
@golfsoupjones (March event scorecard finalist since Hoppock qualified via the Survivor)
@Mish (April event finalist since loaf qualified via the Survivor)

As a reminder, we have two spots available tomorrow–one of those being an NIT spot for the overall winner.

I’ll exercise my two captain’s picks prior to the June event to round that field to an even 12 competitors.


Ladies and gentlemen of @TheSupercell, I’d like to say congratulations to @BMarsh for being your overall major champion, and NIT qualifier for 2023. It seems only fitting that that the winner was decided via sudden death playoff.

Shout outs to @hoppock and @ChazReavie for sharing low net round of the day with a 73. Since Hop’s already qualified, Brandon and Chuck will round off the 9th and 10th spots for the play-in tournament in June at John Conrad.

Captain’s pick announcement for the two final spots coming soon. Had a blast yesterday—thanks to everyone for showing up and thank you to those who brought non-refuge folks. Hopefully we add a few new members from it.


Hearty congrats to @BMarsh Your 5th shot on the 1st playoff hole will live in infamy as long as The Supercell continues forge on through soggy battlefields of the Oklahoma prairie…

That said, the only question left to be asked regards @egjosu in terms of his whereabouts and general well-being…What’s our version of the Silver Alert? You okay, dawg?


I wanna thank @jsmoove, Ralph Maltby, and everyone else for an absolute gem of a day getting to play some great golfers and even greater playing partners. I don’t think I could have drawn up a more ideal experience for my first time playing with you all. Sure as hell won’t be my last.

It is a testament to the competition that I had to hit what could the greatest shot of my life thus far to stay in contention, so hats off to @Hoppock and @ChazReavie. And I know we are all thankful any footage of my first 4 shots was somehow lost to time. Absolutely disgusting 6-net-5.


Would it be a tornado watch?


Every time I see a NLU towel on Instagram, my blood pressure goes up.

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Buddy, you are preaching to the choir…

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Will be sure not to walk out of the showers at the Boiling Springs State Park Gulag wrapped in an NLU towel.


I have one spot open at 7:40am on Sunday at Lincoln Park West if anyone is looking to play this weekend.

Down in OKC this weekend. Have a tee time at 7:10 am tomorrow (Saturday) lake Hefner north if anyone wants to join me.

So I played Lincoln Park West per suggestions on here. Just gonna say, what a great muni that is. Truly delightful walk, quality routing that isn’t too penal. Really enjoyed it.


If anyone is willing to host a KFT player during tourney week, let me know and I’ll send ya the link to sign up

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John Conrad has two large events booked next weekend. We’re working on an alternate site. All of the regional qualifiers—stay tuned for updates, hoping to have this wrapped up tomorrow with tee times posted.

The final two that will round off the regional play in squad via captains picks are:



Hark! @TheSupercell Regional Quali will be held at Lincoln Park Golf Club’s East Course.

The East is the more bespoke of LP’s 36 hole complex offering dulcet tones and subtle aromas evoked by the 1931 Art Jackson/Perry Maxwell design.

Tee times will begin at 12:20pm with four, 4-person slots available (the 12 quali qualies + 4 partial observing participants).

Top 4 finishers in this net stroke play tussle will rep The 'Cell in the R6 Super Duper Regional 3-way Thingy down at Dornick Hills in July.

Yours in Maxwell,