Roll Call: Ohio

You were the next to mention it, so let’s just set that as a 4some. I took the liberty of adding time slots to Sleepy tab, and placed the walking group as the 8:10 tee time, figuring that would spare us any refuge judgment from those having to play behind a group of walkers :rofl:

@DingleJones feel free to let me know if you’d like to take care of the rest…just trying to be helpful so that you don’t get stuck doing all the work. If you’d prefer not to do it, I’d be happy to create the rest of the tee times, and would probably do so by giving everyone a letter and drawing names from a hat.

My thought would be that it would be fun to play in different groups for the second round, but maybe it makes more sense for the last tee time in the morning to also have the last tee time in the afternoon?


That’s a good call as well…less than ten minutes away.

Thanks man. See you guys Saturday!

I generally also prefer to walk, and planned to do so at Sleepy Hollow. But I am definitely not opposed to taking a cart and will do so if it makes things easier for the groups.

Manakiki would be a game time decision based on how I’m handling the heat.

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I could definitely be convinced to walk the second round as well, so if it works out, I’d be happy to hoof it with you at Manakiki.

Ohio Folk, trying to put together a round on 9/5 at Denison if anybody is interested!

Denison Derby - 9/5 in Granville, OH


I’m in. I’ll ask my buddy if he wants to play as well.

Please use the sign-up sheet at the above link!

Did I not make the list?

Didn’t realize there were other sheets in there so I was only on the first one, am I still good to join in or no?

Shit man I’m really sorry about that, but yeah I used the other sheets to determine final numbers. We have three foursomes for both courses so it’s going to be tough to work you in.

No worries, I’ll catch it next time!

Sign up sheet seems to be view only

Issue should be fixed—lmk

Looks like it’s all good now.

Anyone playing in the portage county am this weekend?

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I’ll be there. Looks like participation will be low again. Saw the starting times for the Stark County and it looks like that will be the big event this weekend

For Saturday at Sleepy I know we have the 8:10 time as a group of walkers, but if anyone else wants to walk I signed up for the 8:00 time

@Buck was saying he liked to walk too, so hopefully that can make two of you at least.

Do they have a range at Sleepy to knock a few before we play? I’ve played there once but was running way behind so didn’t even check.

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They have a range, it’s all off mats though