Denison Derby - 9/5 in Granville, OH

Nesters and Refugees of Ohio, and surrounding areas:

@JRB1623 and I are excited to announce a one-day, 18-hole gathering taking place (world events permitting, of course) at Denison Golf Club in Granville, OH on Saturday, September 5th. We have tee times blocked starting at 11am with capacity for 24 people to join (in addition to the two of us and a few others, see below for one hopeful).

We envision an enjoyable 18 holes of play (quota game for an NIT spot or two, optional skins game, and maybe more) followed by a catered meal of some sort outside at the course where we can announce winners, revel in the good shots and bad, and generally make acquaintances.

Granville is located about 35 miles east of Columbus, an idyllic college town. The course is a Donald Ross-designed 6500 yd, par 71 opened in 1924. An inviting layout but when the greens have zip (let’s hope and pray!) there are numerous places on the course you absolutely cannot be above the hole. Right now, carts are available but it’s also walkable (the back-nine hills providing a nice workout!).

We’re hoping to be joined by Denison’s Men’s and Women’s Golf Coach, Lauren Grogan. Coach Grogan has been at Denison just a couple years but already guided the men’s and women’s teams to simultaneous DIII Top-25 rankings for the first time in school history. Perhaps another special participant or two will be on-hand as well…

The direct costs will be as follows:
-Greens Fees (about $44 without cart, $55 with cart). These will be paid directly to the shop on the day of.
-An optional skins game buy-in, $10 per person I’m thinking…
-@JRB1623 and I will coordinate a catered meal of some sort after golf. It will be low frills. We will pass along details when we have them. I don’t envision the cost to be too much at all. If you don’t want to eat anything, please note that on the sign-up sheet below.


I think that just about covers all the pertinent info. Please reply here if I’ve missed anything!


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Was my fault—should be open to edit for all now


Looks like we are able to get in and sign up now, thanks for arranging!

Aaaand my fiancee’s parents are visiting that weekend. SICK. Was stoked about meeting the big guy and taking in some local infrastructure but I’m gonna have to wait until the next one. Wind is officially out of my sails today. Line one on the list is back open.

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Looking forward to playing and finishing DFL.


Taking the mental-miss big picture with the mental DFL :joy:

I was inching towards the low 90s late spring/early summer. But the last few rounds my game has just detonated. It isn’t pretty.

Thanks @randy! This works out way better for me than the October dates. Will the official ice cream sponsor of the event be Graeter’s or UDF?

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Nice try but we all know it is Graeter’s


Looking forward to it. Denison has always been a treat


I’m in! Trying my best to not be a scumbag (Shoutout TC) this will be my one local meetup and will get me ready to go to Sweetens the next weekend.

RIP Whit’s in downtown Granville. They were the licking county GOAT. @Randy I’m sure you are a River Road veteran but their coffee house off the highway exit is a quaint pre-event reading spot.

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Looking forward to this. Denison is one of my favorites.

Awesome to see so many interested!!

Just come in first place in having fun and you’ll be the true winner of the day


C-Suiters can stay at the Granville Inn! I recommend a post-round round at the Buxton Inn.

This is bound to be awesome!
I saw today that the NCAC (North Coast Athletic Conference-D3 affiliation, including Denison) has cancelled athletic events thru the end of the year. I’m curious as to what Lauren’s thoughts are on this.

Dang, another possibility but not on Labor Day Weekend. Family Reunion.