Roll Call: Ohio (OATW adjacent) and localized ice cream debates (Part 1)

Surprised Ohio hasn’t actually popped up here. Currently in Cincinnati, and the detailed specs of my #1b Weekday Gamer set is…

…just kidding.


Cincinnati as well…transplant from MN, married a girl from here. How else do you end up here?? :wink:

Busting metropolis of Findlay here

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What’s that course right along 75 in town? I stopped and played 18 there on a blistering hot day one summer. Pro wanted $10 and offered to sell me some used clubs. He may have had 10 staff bags full of persimmons.

Hillcrest is the name of it. It’s under new ownership as of last year and they are spending a ton of money to fix it. The guy owns two other courses in the area and is trying to monopolize the market and shutdown the other two public courses in Findlay.

Dayton here. Member at NCR.

Interesting the discussion has centered on Findlay. Which public courses does he want to shut down? When I head back to NW Ohio and have time I try and get a round in at Red Hawk Run.


Westerville/Columbus here.

I’m a member at Northstar and I run the pot game on the weekends. If anyone is ever interested in joining in, let me know.


I manage Sycamore Springs which is just south of town. He’s trying to shutdown any course he thinks he can. Charges $20-$25 for every round and gives outing away at no charge. Awesome for the consumer and the outings though!

@jgolf1interesting. I actually thought the course off 75 was an executive course.

No sir. Back in its prime it was a beast of a course. In the 70s it could be stretched to over 7000 yards. It declined big time in the last 10-15 and now this guy with millions (literally) is fixing it up.

Live in Powell…member at Scioto Reserve and Kinsale.

Columbus/UA currently. Muni guy——learned the game on the classic Robert Trent Jones beast known as Raymond Memorial


Marion, Ohio here. Member at Marion CC- Home course of former President Warren G. Harding.

@AyZiggyZoomba NCR is a fantastic place! I enjoyed playing there in a college tournament.

Cincinnati here. Member at Kenwood CC.

Agreed re: NCR; I love the South course. I’m curious how the membership has reacted to Moraine’s well-received restoration. My understanding is that each club has been actively recruiting members from the other in the recent past.

Played Kenwood two years ago and played 9 on one course and 9 on the other. What an absolute treat.

NCR is a blast. Hopefully can cross Moraine off the list this summer.

Upper Arlington as well. Raymond is my favorite muni course anywhere (except when it gets backed up).


South course is definitely great. But the north is a fun change of pace. The south course had a bunker renovation that was completed for last season, adding some and renovating others.

Re membership at NCR and Moraine. I haven’t heard much poaching from one to the other nor anything but praise for Moraine’s restoration.

I grew up in Cleveland and my family still lives there so I’ll play some tracks there every so often. I caddied at Mayfield Country Club in South Euclid as a kid.

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Cleveland here, went to UD. Any Moraine members want to hook a fellow refuge member up??? Course looks amazing.

I’m in Erie, PA but grew up in Ashtabula and up for a gathering in NEOH if it ever comes together.