Roll Call: Ohio (OATW adjacent) and localized ice cream debates (Part 1)

I played in a work outing at Pipestone and it was great

Pipestone is solid, it’s just never going to be my first choice.

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+1 for Yankee. I’d throw Heatherwood in that same bucket.

For some good back country golf, I’d say Majestic Springs. Also Jasper Hills is newly revitalized, it’s an extremely hard front 9 followed with an easier back 9.


The only reason why I don’t like Heatherwoode is the amount of water and OB. It’s a good challenge, but not something that I want to play very often.


I have the 7:40 tee time with all 4 spots available. Was going to give back the tee time on Sunday. I can leave 2 of the spots booked for you and your wife on 9/2.

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whoops thought it was next weekend not this weekend. Sorry

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Goodness, I remember every hole with some type of hazard at Heatherwoode when I played it as a junior. I see that they still host many junior events so shoutout to them, but I thought the course was difficult!


Made a mistake agreeing to a duel match there sight unseen at the beginning of this year’s match play tournament. Absolutely did not know what I was getting myself into.

The conditioning there is pretty solid, but I don’t think I’d ever recommend a round there.


No worries, we ended up going with Little Met and plan to hit a brewery on the way back. Appreciate the kind gesture!

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Nice deal for all you northeastern gentlemen.

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Yeah I have played out there before and I actually do like a couple holes but it can be a bear.

Man, it must be nice to be getting actual courses on GroupGolfer- seems like we’ve had crappy golf products for the last couple of months…

They are definitely few and far between, usually nothing in close proximity to me either. Felt like they were much better a few years ago.

Might have a spot open for saturday morning at kiki if anyone wants it. Will confirm asap.

Ingratiate yourself with the Moeller crowd and you will not have a problem finding a game at a local club. Moeller people stick together.

A great place to look at clubs after a day of teaching is Golf Exchange. it’s literally five minutes from school.

As someone already said, Swing Fit is a great place to practice. It’s only 10(?) minutes from school but in the opposite direction of your house.

The courses previously mentioned - Blue Ash, California, Reeves, Avon, etc. are great in their own ways. Travel a little farther and you can hit up Legendary Run, Stonelick and Elks Run. Pretty solid lineup of affordable golf.


Got an invite out to Kirtland in September and literally know nothing about it. Any word on it?


Take it, one of the best courses in the state, unbelievable back nine.


One of the best courses in the state. Intentionally under the radar. Easy walk, on course elevator thing, some of the best ground I’ve ever played golf on.

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Can you elaborate about “on course elevator thing”?

I’ll shoot you a text.

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