Roll Call: Ohio (OATW adjacent) and localized ice cream debates (Part 1)

Also shout out to our own @joecline41 on making the January nest pod!


Playing the NOGA event there in May, so may hit your DM’s bout that! @quicktempo preaches the gospel of Oberlin round these parts.

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I played it in hs with a member. Didn’t take golf seriously at that point but remember it was quite fun.


Absolutely love that course, pumped NOGA is going back there this year

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So we’ve added an absurd amount of people to the roost and I’m not sure who I have added and haven’t to the “private” roost page. If you’re signed up for the roost and don’t see the roost only page let me know please.

This thread…


I am big into that event and am really trying to make sure I can play that and the Elyria one.


Had a comically bad experience at the GolfTec in Middleburg Heights today. Anyone have a Cleveland area fitter they’ve enjoyed?

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I’ve used the GolfTec in north olmsted (Geoff Wood) and Windmill in Macedonia - I preferred GolfTec but I also know Geoff and had a pretty good idea of what I was looking for

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At the risk of a TLDR situation, go on…

Scott at windmill took care of me last year around February . Tough with how cold it is but he was great and I thought the pricing was fair.

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Windmill fitting center in Macedonia is probably the biggest name in this neck of the woods.

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It’s mostly my victimhood complex rearing its head, but the short version:

  1. I called to schedule a driver fitting this morning for 3:30pm.
  2. I drive 30 minutes to said appointment.
  3. Fitter said he doesn’t know how to work the fitting software but “can totally let me hit some balls” if I want.
  4. 200w

And to be fair to the guy, I guess he just started and someone else booked the appointment - not his fault! But still a huge pain in the ass.

It’s been awhile, but I had a great experience with Jason Goodendorf at GolfTec Fairlawn. Plan to see him again soon for lessons and a new set.

Club Champion was fine as long as you’re OK with the upsell that comes at the end with “pure-ing” shafts and whatnot

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I can’t believe people actually do that shit. Then im in a lot of bad golf Facebook groups and someone always seems to pull the trigger on it after a fitting.

Got fitted at Windmill in October, told me the clubs would be in around 6-8 weeks aka just before Christmas… Christmas came and went with no clubs, reached back out asking if they had an update. they told me they were delivered Dec 10th…they sent me the tracking # and it showed delivery at 12:10pm. except both me and my wife were home that day and there was no delivery. We also have a Nest cam and we never got any notification of sorts that something was dropped off. They made me a file a claim with FedEx which got denied because it had to be filed by the shipper aka TM. End up, they have to re-enter my order and i fall all the way to the back of the line and get 6-AW in March and then 4i and 5i for some reason separately in May. Not too happy about that. Two friends got fitted there and they both had their clubs shipped to Windmill. Don’t remember at all asking them to ship it to my house. Never got a tracking # i could follow or notification email that they were shipped. All very suspect stuff. Anyways i’m very salty i have to wait an extra 3-5 months.

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Oof that’s awful

My main gripe with Windmill (and it was an overall good experience) is that you’re hitting range balls with trackman for your fit. I went in Feb and IMO you’re not going to get a truly accurate fit hitting range balls on a 30* day. GolfTec uses GC2 which you can play your ball if you choose. Club Champion uses Trackman which is somewhat questionable indoors, although the new Pro V1 trackman ball exists solely for that purpose now (assuming of course you play a Pro V1).

This is actually a bit of an amusing anecdote to my club fitting experience. One of the perks you get from purchasing an order with Club Champion is time on their trackman for the next full year. You reserve it for however long, etc.

I booked a session a few weeks before an early spring trip to Florida and it ended up being a bit of an experience.

When I was there, a gentleman in the bay over from me was in the midst of a full bag fitting and he came entirely kitted in the middle of February: local club logo hat, logo quarter zip and (assuming) the same logo polo underneath topped off with a…white belt.


The poor guy thought that he would get his clubs that day. As in…buy, wait for assembly, walk out the door with those bad boys. When he was informed that he was going to have to wait for however long, he launched into this crazy detailed story about the only reason why he was there was to have new clubs for this golf trip to Arizona with a bunch of guys he hates so he could take all their money. He ended up canceling everything, bought a dozen ProV1s and left.

It totally rocked