Roll Call: Ohio (OATW adjacent) and localized ice cream debates (Part 1)

Cincy Shakedown field has been extended to 48, still a few spots left.


Didn’t Doak restore Camargo? I’m itching to get there, huge Raynor fan. Fox Chapel, the closest Raynor to me, chose The Faz to do theirs… which—maybe surprisingly—actually turned out quite well imho. Would have loved to see what Doak did with it though.


A reminder or note. Anyone that is a member at a nice club willing to host a semi or other notable match for the ohio match play tournament reach out to myself or @golf4miami . Something in SW Ohio and NE Ohio would be pretty awesome. (assuming a person playing in the match doesn’t need to play somewhere specific).


I was invited to play Carmago a few years back but was going to Cancun for a wedding that same god damn week.

Still have never played Scioto or Double Eagle for the Columbus Uber private courses.

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For all the SWOH folks - if anyone has a hookup to play Moraine, I’d love to get on there.

I lived right by Hills and Dales for YEARS, also done by Nipper albeit with more of a Strapped ambiance, but at the time I wasn’t playing golf (I stopped during undergrad and didn’t pick it back up again until I moved back to Cleveland in 2009). I’d like to plan a Dayton trip, see old friends and haunts, and build it around a round at Moraine along with some beer and bluetooth speaker golf at Hills and Dales. I’m sure NCR is great, too, but Moraine seems like more of my jam.

This is the biggest bummer about American golf. There are top shelf courses all over the place, and they are mostly empty on weekdays and you have to know someone who knows someone to get on maybe once.


Doak DID restore Camargo and there’s plans for work to be done this year as well…


Doak is the retained architect at Camargo. His master plan for the course is pretty cool, and yeah he did go in and correct some bad stuff they did to the course in the late 20thC. Those might be the biggest aggregate set of greens in the US built before WWII. Some are legitimately an acre in size.


The American model is so fucked compared to Scotland stops myself from doing this to myself and others again

So yeah, I really want to go to Moraine. I begged myself onto Inverness this year, and was SO glad I did it.

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Many of you received the Roost email from @jgolf1 this morning. He mentioned picking a main charity that would be the benefactor from Roost Events. I’ve done a little bit a research for programs based out of Ohio. Below is a link to Fore Hope through OhioHealth. They provide golf programming as form of therapy for those with neurological disabilities.

I do not have any of the details of what/when/how/where the programming is but I’d be happy to reach out to Ohio Health for more info. Additionally, I have no personal connection with this program so no hard feelings if we find a different charity. Just l looking to start the conversation.


I have some Ohio Health connections and can ask around about that

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I’m an idiot, sent an email and forgot to add Cleveland event info.


If we’re still taking applications for the main charity I’m also going to throw the Ohio Valley chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society into the ring. If you know anybody who has been diagnosed with MS then you know just how awful the disease can become. The strides that modern medicine has made towards treatment in the last 10 years has been incredible, and I believe that we’ll figure out a cure in our lifetime.


Love the ideas thrown out so far. Another healthcare related one to consider would be the Charitable Healthcare Network out of Columbus. They used to be called the Ohio Association of Free Clinics and their mission is basically to provide high quality healthcare to vulnerable populations. I like this one because they support free clinics across the state.

Here’s the beauty of our merch sales through @goatsome last year he kept a tally of “profit” and made a check payable to the charity for Findlay. I’m sure he could cut a couple checks to other charities. I don’t want us to have a dozen charities to pick from but I do think it would be cool if we have a couple and at the end of whatever period (year,quarter,month) Matt wants to use we could send each charity a quarter.

JAT (just a thought)


With over 100 people signed up you cannot please everyone. I’m fine with those of you putting the most work into this being the ones who choose the charity.


100% agree

Little late to the party, haven’t been on in a while. Can we still get in on this Ohio roost? And man does that merch look sick, well done. Looking forward to getting some people out at Oberlin this year.


Hey someone willing to host us! Yes come on in.

Also, DM me your email address and I’ll forward you the email I sent yesterday to the roost.


Hey All. Very easy to pick a new charity each time we do a store or merch run. I can even pop a counter up on the site so that we know how much we are “earning” for each charity and send them the check then. I hope to have a sample store running by end of next week. Timing will be pending if a certain Cincinnati football team wins as we might be doing a little hot market printing next week. But Ive already got a few mockups done that Ill share with @jgolf1 before I release them.