Roll Call: Ohio (OATW adjacent) and localized ice cream debates (Part 1)

I’m in Cincinnati. Grew up in Dayton and went to OSU in Cbus. There is some great golf in all three cities. I recently joined Maketewah here in Cincy.


I really like Mak … I think there’s really neat variety and the greens keep you on your feet, plus your short game range is nuts! I recently joined Losantiville

If anyone is interested in playing one of the courses at NCR, here is your chance for $200.

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Originally from Grove City, Columbus suburb, and now live in Cincinnati. Parents still live in Grove City so I play in the Cbus area a couple times every year.

Course I most want to play in Cincy is Camargo CC. Thanks to Andy Johnson, The Fried Egg, I am so curious to see/play a Seth Raynor course.

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Get that handicap down and you can play in a US Amateur qualifier at Camargo for around $100…I have only played nine there, but it was impressive.

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I’ve never played Losantiville, but always hear how great the greens are. One of my neighbors is a member there.

Cincinnati here, play out of Wetherington. Tough course to play the ole bomb and gouge at

Brunswick resident here - about a half hour south of cleveland. Like to play out of a little hidden gem in Medina called shale creek.

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Played US Jr Am qualifier at Kenwood years ago, still one of my favorites in the area. I know this is an Ohio thread, but Northern Kentucky has some treats as well just 15 minutes away.

Grew up in Cincinnati >> only reason to be a die-hard long suffering Bengals fan. Worked for 7 or 8 years in high school and college at a muni/county course called Little Miami Golf Center.

Went to UDayton for college, met my wife, and stuck around the area. Live south Dayton. Joined Sugar Valley Golf Club last year due to a crazy cheap membership drive.

In Dayton, I count it a blessing any time I get invited to play the two legendary gems: NCR and Moraine.

Bucket List still to play in Ohio: I’ve played the big boys in Cincy/NKY and Dayton other than Camargo. My Columbus and NE and NW Ohio experiences are really lacking! Need to rectify that.

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@AW_Cut5iron Played in the Met qualifier there at Losantiville/“Ridge Club” when I was 18. Really fun course because of those greens. Sloped so much back to front. Had a birdie put from about 6 feet right of a middle pin. Had to play four feet of break and try to get it to stop for a reasonable par chance.

@AyZiggyZoomba NCR is a gem. My dad used to have a membership when I was in college, so I had a few incredible years of being able to play it! Beautiful golf course, great holes, history. I live about ten minutes away from NCR in Washington TWP/Centerville, and belong to Sugar Valley (the rate for someone under 30 like myself was insanely cheap).


I used to belong to Sugar Valley for a few years right after college. Really enjoyed my time there. Left right before the clubhouse and barn burned down. I seem to remember the storage barn was a lightning strike. Was the clubhouse a kitchen fire? Both within a few months of each other.

Has the new clubhouse opened?


Born and raised in a Toledo suburb. Went to OSU ( the grad/ professional school memberships at the golf courses are unbeatable). Moved back to Toledo area and have membership at Inverness


Born and raised in Cincinnati. Spent a lot of time bumming around Little Miami with friends. Doesn’t feel right driving down Newtown Rd without #3 of the par-3 course running parallel. The energy on that teebox was palpable what with a banana-slice/shank right having a legit possibility of connecting with traffic and drivers laying on their horn/yelling out the window. So much fun.


I love the deep Ohio roots with the NLU guys.

Little Miami is great. I’ll strap a wedge on my bike with a shag bag and head down the bike trail to the back of the par 3 course and dink around sometimes…good way to “break up the workout”


Big Randy is a westsider? Oh my

Little Miami is east side … virtually Anderson township? Are you thinking of Miami Whitewater?

Ah yes, I’m ashamed.

we played districts at sycamore every year when i was in high school. I hate that course more than any other ive ever played…for no good reason haha.

No worries…as a transplant into Cincy I know people can get touchy if you misplace their geographic loyalty :slight_smile: