Cincinnati golfers

Oh man that’s a great location (Pleasant Ridge)! First and foremost, you NEED to go to Pleasant Ridge Chili on Montgomery road for some Cincinnati chili. For golf, Avon Fields is about ten minutes away. Range has a lot to be desired but it’s a great course built in the golden age (rumored to be designed by L&M) and home to two Refuge duels. Also recommend Reeves GC for a fun, flat course next to a small airfield and Little Miami Golf Center for a great range and nine holes. There’s also some great breweries and restaurants around you. Feel free to hit me up once you’re in town for other recommendations and meeting up. Also, a bunch of us like to meet up at Reeves during the summer to play the par 3 course before work.

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Thank you so much for giving a name to the neighborhood! We are staying with my BiL (who works from home), my SiL (who is just finishing being a medical resident), and they have a very young child so… they don’t get out much :wink:

Oh my goodness are there ever! I’m a huge fan of the “Taft’s Brewpourium” location up that way, but we would love to try a wider range of spots.

That sounds amazing! Thank you for the invite, we will definitely take you up on that!

Check out Nine Giant on Montgomery road, great beer and an excellent kitchen. Mad Tree is also a great option.


We’ve been to Mad Tree! It’s really good.

And thank GOD that @Renlibrarian responded, because I totally dropped the ball on that.

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@Renlibrarian @PinePocky - welcome in advance!

And hey, guise, speaking of RP3 … can we generate some interest for, say, next Tuesday 5/18 at 0700? Anyone ready to start it up?

Hey guys! Long time listener to NLU but first time getting around to the message board (hopefully im doing this right).

Born and raised in Cleveland but have been living in Cincinnati for about a decade after going to UC.

My favorite course in Cincy/ greater cincy area are Aston Oaks, Glenview, and AJ Jolly. Absolutely love trying to go for the green at Avon on the short par 4’s as well.

Looking forward to getting to know people in here!


Cincinnati folks: @PinePocky and I are now in town!

Family stuff has been… an adventure, but we are now better situated to do fun things.

We have and will be hitting Little Miami golf center fairly often, and if the snack bar is ever open, I will happily buy a beer for any Nesticles who want to say hello and/or roast our swings.


The refuge is a weird and wonderful place. Let’s see how this goes….

Golf maintenance labor is at an all time low across the country at both top 100 courses and goat tracks alike. If you know anyone in the Cincinnati area that wants to work, even part time in the mornings a few days a week, tasks like mowing fairways, filling divots, etc. The opportunity to play Camargo on Monday afternoons and be outside on a beautiful piece of property. It’s a great job for bored retired individuals. Contact me and we will set something up. Thank you!


Dang would love to see those Raynor par 3s! Need any weekend help?


Message me if serious. Weekend help is always nice. Once we start to frost regularly, end of season.

View of the Redan as you drive up


I like where your head is at with this. If my weekends weren’t slammed by kid events on the weekends right now I think I’d be there with you.

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@Greenthumb Was Camargo in the running for the Kroger LPGA event? I’ve never played either course so can’t compare the layouts. Just curious.

Feel free to invite some of us out!

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Camargo is the type of place that will never host an event. They don’t like guest play honestly (hence the lack of invitations). A true private family club. Monday after work is the only time I can play (minus the occasional wedges and putting) so that limits even how often I’m out there. We are pulling 10-12 hour days in season.

I am needing to explore more of the Cincy golf scene. Now with cooler temps, evening rounds and weekends are doable.


Headed to Cincy for the weekend. Playing Glenview for a scramble, then The Avon Fields, an Elk Run (??).

Also, some lady at the airport told me to order a 4-way at Skyline.


Hey Cincy guis (non-Cincy guis, feel free to chime in as well). Me and my fiancee need a little wedding advice, and I thought this might be a good place to ask (please don’t make me regret that idea).

We’re getting married next August, and we want to do an outside ceremony in the evening. We’re looking to rent a large tent (somewhere in the 3,000 sq. foot range), tables, chairs, etc. Anyone had any previous luck with rental companies in the area? We don’t have a huge budget, so there’s that to keep in mind as well. Any advice would be much appreciated though :pray: :call_me_hand:

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I’m pretty sure we used Prime Time party rental ( and I think the church event I just helped with used them as well. You could start there.

Also, someone is going to ask so it might as well be me: Did you ask Randy to officiate?


Many thanks, from me and my fiancee. She appreciates the help of my “strange internet golf people.”

Sincere apologies for the oversight here. @Randy - would Your Grace kindly consider an invitation to preside over the festivities? We will order a taller tent.


Hi Everyone, just moved to the Pleasant Ridge area and am looking for good recommendations for local courses and would be interested in local NLU related events if there are going on or plans to!

Welcome to Cincinnati! Come on over to Roll Call Ohio where we have most of our local discussion. You can also join the Ohio Against the World Roost here. You are also in luck because we are having our fourth annual event at Avon Fields in October, here is the thread and info.

Although we have some good public golf, tee times get booked up fast so you will need to do some planning. Check out the Cincinnati courses, Hamilton County courses and Blue Ash GC to start.