Roll Call: Northwest Arkansas

Hello all. I know this is a NW Arkansas thread but I’ve seen some central Arkansas posts on here as well. I’m a new nest member and live in Benton. Would love to meet up and play with some of you all this year. I generally play down at Hot Springs Village but can certainly meet up in LR as well.

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Glad to hear everyone is safe so far. Was on my way to the airport when the warning came over my phone. Didn’t hear a single siren up here in Bentonville.

Also, welcome @HogsCJL. Would love to link up if I’m ever down in the area.

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I’m in North Little Rock. Burns Park is my go to. Or the crappy 9 hole executive course at Rebsamen.

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Hey All- I’m going to be in Bentonville for a wedding this upcoming weekend. Requesting recommendations for the best bbq in town. I stumbled on Whole Hog Cafe and have also heard Wrights. I’m sure it’s hard to go wrong, but would love to hear if I’m missing anything. Many thanks.

Wrights is the go to. Grab you a texas trinity plate and a shiner, sit on the patio and have yourself a time. Taking the family there this weekend for Saturday lunch as well.


Wright’s it is. Appreciate the guidance. If you see a couple dressed up east coasters looking out of place, feel free to say hello.

Wrights and it’s not close