Roll Call: Northwest Arkansas

Moved to Bentonville last July. Looking for good public tracks in the area and possibly a group to play with as the weather gets warmer. Cheers!

All the courses in Bella Vista POA are nice. I believe there is 5 or 6 in Bella Vista depending on what courses are open. Stonebridge near Fayetteville is also good.

I’m down in LR but don’t get to NWA enough so would love to hear about the courses in the area

Bella Vista! My family has owned land there for decades, and we used to head down from KC each summer. All that was at least 15 years ago, so I remember some of the course names, but next to nothing specific about any of them. I’ll probably (hopefully) make it back now that I’m back in KC full time once things are back up and running.

When I lived out by the airport I almost exclusively played down at The Creeks in Cave Springs. Some great holes, some blah, but it was super laid back and a great hang. It helped I knew a few living in the RV park for work. But I would for sure check it out if you want a more casual round.

Any suggestions for courses to play in central Arkansas? Looks like I may be in the Little Rock and Fort Smith areas for a few days of work. If I have time for golf, where should I try to play? Thanks!

For LR:

Courses would be Greens at North Hills, Burns Park, or First Tee of LR. Also country club of Arkansas and Rebsamen. The first three are the ones I play most often.

First tee is cool cause they have a traditional 9 holes and then a par 3 course. Makes for a fun 18. It’s rarely crowded, doesn’t have cart paths and isn’t residential. I would say it’s the most underrated and most well kept course in the area.

North Hills is your typical country club tree lined style. RTJ greens so pretty wacky with tiers. I’d play in morning because the course really dries out and not in a good way. Greens get unbearable hard.

Burns is my local scrappy muni. They have two courses. Championship side is tougher and tree lined. Tournament side is shorter and more open. I prefer tournament. All of these are usually under 20 dollar greens fees unless you are playing a Saturday or Sunday morning.

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Do you have any opinion as to which Bella Vista POA course is best? I’ll be down there with family this weekend, and while I’ve played most of them at least once, all the rounds were at least 10 years ago.

You cant go wrong with any of them but if i had to rank them i would go

  1. Country Club
  2. Scotsdale
  3. Kingswood
  4. Dogwood
    5 Highlands
    Highlands is probably the nicest but its also the hardest. If you aren’t hitting it well there it can really beat you up. Scotsdale i think has the best greens of them all. They are Bermuda greens but they are really good.Kingswood is the shortest and the easiest but still fun to play. Kings wood and Dogwood you could switch and i wouldn’t argue with it. But like i said you can’t go wrong with any of them, they are all really good for the price. Tee time can go quick so you will want to try and book the one you want as soon as you can.

Thanks a bunch. We’re playing in the afternoon both days after spending time on the lake each morning, so there’s good availability everywhere except the Country Club. Probably playing Kingswood, Dogwood, or the 9 holer Saturday evening then Scotsdale Sunday.

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My family has been vacationing here for probably 50 years now, and my grandparents retired here with a golf cart.

Highlands layout I like the best, and then scottsdale.

CC is usually in better shape.

Kingswood is easy

Didn’t they recently close one of Kingswood/Dogwood? I get the two confused all the time but I think one went away after all the flooding.

I think it was berkdale they closed 9 on, the one by the dairy queen

EditL Berksdale, and yes its now 9. Per my 94 year old grandpa, the land is worth too much on the main drag there and its expected to sell.

That sounds right. Play a ton of charity scrambles up there normally but with covid I haven’t been up there.

I’m late to the thread but there is also a course out by the lake at Prairie Creek, right by the marina. Haven’t been out there since college but it was a cheap fun course back then. If I remember right, very tree lined though. They didn’t accept cards only cash/checks. Made it all the way out there one time and had to turn around.

I know this says northwest Arkansas but I am gonna put it out there anyway…
Gonna be in hot springs village for thanksgiving. Planning on playing Friday morning… don’t have a tee time yet but was thinking Isabella. Anyone care to join

Local Minnesotan looking for a drivable getaway to play some Golf in January or February. How is the golf scene and weather in Fayetteville?

I wouldn’t want to plan something down to NWA in January/February more than a week or so out. You could absolutely get lucky and catch a long weekend of 50-60 degree weather, but it’s just as likely you get high 30s and wintery mix. If you’ve got flexibility and can decide week of after looking at the 10-day forecast, go for it, but I’d be wary trying to plan something multiple weeks in advance.

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Appreciate the tip. Admittedly I do not know how long and severe winter is in the country once I get south of Missouri so this is good to know.

Thanks again

my grandpa lives there and he got like 4 inches of snow last week. that being said 50/50 shot its nice. I typically prefer march.

Anyone want to play tomorrow in NWA? I should be free at 11. Would love to play some kind of game.

9032773236 if you want direct contact