Roll Call: North Carolina

what are you doing Saturday? we have a large crew playing muni for an event called the Big wRight Miss


Very ready to get back out there but not available that week. Strantz throws a lot of stuff at you visually but just know that a lot of it has no impact on how you should play the hole. The greens are crazy but typically always an avenue to get the ball close to the hole just got be creative. Hit fairways if at all possible and all will be well. Just enjoy it because it’s a beauty! It is a very confusing course at times to navigate the first time around so if you can nab a local that has experience there you will be much better off. Enjoy


Can’t wait! should be a great afternoon.

I’d like to play a few more rounds. Are there any other courses I should check out?

Would love to get out there for a round if you are free that weekend

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Is it your first trip to the general area? If so there are many good ones to choose from in the area:
Pinehurst (2,3 & 4 are awesome…Haven’t played the others outside of #5 in a scramble and don’t remember anything)
MP/PN/SP trio - Any of them or all
Quail Ridge, Hyland, Foxfire and Sanford Muni are good, budget friendly options.


Yes, I’ll be staying in Raleigh but I’ll have a rental car.

Thanks for the recommendation

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Ahhh…Staying in Raleigh changes things lol…Lonnie Pool, Pine Hollow, River Ridge, Riverwood, Reedy Creek, The Neuse are all solid options IMO if you want to stay closer to Raleigh.


Add Hillandale, Umstead and Occoneechee to that list. Also worth a call to Benvenue to see if they will let you on.


Come join us tomorrow at the Muni, or at least stop by around 2 to greet us as we finish.

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Thanks Dave! Poor planning on my part. I hate I’m going to miss out on the fun tomorrow but have booked in a tee time at castle bay with the bro-in-law tomorrow. Looking forward to linking up with the group soon!


Hey guys, longtime NLU guy who’s new to The Refuge and soon to be new to the Charlotte area. Moving down there for work within the next couple of months and looking forward to teeing it up with some fellow golf sickos! Any and all recommendations on literally everything Charlotte and North Carolina as a whole (never been except for a quick jaunt through Southern Pines) are welcome!


@Hitchings21 can get you set up with the Charlotte Roost the @QueenCityHive for local competition, I think there is also a Charlotte area WhatsApp

We do have a general Carolinas WhatsApp here

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Anyone in the Raleigh area want to play Friday morning?

I could be in!

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I was considering driving down to pinehurst area for one of the pines or tobacco road, but also open to other options closer to raleigh. Thoughts?

Well feeling all sorts of potential issues, but would love to make something work.

Word is Tobacco Road just punched so makes the $ harder to handle.

Mid pines and pine needles and $175+ and I don’t see any tee times for southern pines.

Then places closer to Raleigh are just harder to get. Let me check out chat and see if anyone is playing that needs folks.

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I think @Harper may have a spot at Quail Ridge.

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Seems like the nuese in Clayton or Tobacco Road would be the options we could nail down tonight for the AM.

Could be game for either.

I love tobacco but if they just punched i feel that dramatically impacts the experience. What is Quail Ridge? Always down for new experiences cc @Double_Bogey_Dave

Quail Ridge is the new Hyland. Hidden gem and probably the best value in the sandhills region. Hyland has gotten a little big for their britches.

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Room for 2 at QR tomorrow at 2.