Roll Call: North Carolina

Just bought two successfully and am not a dues paying member of CGA so it’s fair game.

Hey there NC! I met a bunch of you at the Hyland event last month! I’m starting to organzine a SC event spring of 2021. I’d love your input, thanks!


GroupGolfer has Coharie CC in Clinton for $20 today:

I know @Swing_hard_and_hope played a few rounds there and a NC Mid-Am qualifier earlier this year, seems like a solid deal for $20?

Cohaire is a good course. Nothing too special, but a solid layout where you get to hit all the clubs (I can not speak to the ability to always get a game or the shower pressure). Took me about an hour to get there from Raleigh. I even still have a coupon that expires on 11/1 so would be down to make the trip again. It was a Friday when I played, but I was one of very few people out there and was able to fly around!

Looking at playing Tanglewood on Saturday if anyone is interested. Thinking noon-ish.

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Hello all,
I recently moved to NC, living between Durham and Chapel Hill. Right now I’m swamped between my new job and learning where the heck everything is around where I’m living, but looking forward to getting the chance to tee it up with some of you in the near future.


Did you ever get a tee time? I may be able to play Saturday.

Sadly no - i jinxed myself and got called into work earlier than expected on Saturday. Played there recently and the greens were rolling very nicely. Definitely get out there - they’ve raised rates slightly which is disappointing to see but walking rates are $33 during the week and I think around $40 for weekends.

Yeah, I saw their rates went up. It is happening at many places. Courses are taking advantage of the demand. Hard to blame them.

Yea - given the current conditioning I would say $40 or less to walk is still a great value… maybe not Holly Ridge value (shoutout Archdale mafia) but still… value.


Bermuda run was really good today. Those greens are something special


Love BR… that green on #5 for whatever reason is always rock hard.

I need about 5 more rounds at that place to be remotely comfortable.

I couldn’t get off the tee and got punched dead in thre mouth as a result

Got a cold beer after and sat down by the range watching Drew Simpson put on an absolute stripe show as the sun started to set.

Might have been the best weather of the year.

For. Sure.
Can think of quite a few holes where if you’re not dialed in with the driver or 3 wood it’s going to be a long day… 2nd hole is best example - especially after a gentle handshake on the first hole.

Yeah dude better not be missing right out there. You know how that worked out for me…

Those greens can be very difficult. Downhillers are impossible.

Played last weekend. Really soft fairways from the rain so the blue tees played extra long. Greens, as mentioned, were pure!

Yeah dude, true story there. Place was in great shape. Fairways were carpet, shame i only hit 2 of them :rofl::rofl:

alright guis, hoping for some non-golf advice/pointers here. I want to take my wife & dog to Asheville for our anniversary the first weekend of December. When I’ve been previously, I’ve only ever stayed at Hotel Indigo but I’m looking for a more mountain-cabin vibe. Anyone got an AirBnb recommendation or a similar place they’ve stayed previously?

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