Roll Call: North Carolina

Shoot me a dm. I can help you out for the Wilmington privates.

Edit: cape fear National is also a killer course, think they’ve jacked the price recently but I miss that track.


Feel free to dm me if you’re ever in the Greensboro area, I can host you at Sedgefield and Cardinal. Also a note if you get to Bryan Park, they have two courses, Players (bent greens) and Champions (bermuda greens).

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Surprised Crystal Downs isn’t on the list for Michigan.

As for NC, I can help with Mimosa Hills, Old North State, Wakefield, Treyburn, Raleigh, and probably Gaston.


So, there is a separate page on my site since I am doing a Top 100 quest. None of those courses are on the list above. It is in the big time quest for sure!

Thanks guys. Y’all are the best @paroutfromhere @Jeff_M

Its a lot of target golf. Greens are usually in good shape, fairways and tees are sometimes spotty. Fun course, but absolutely must hit it straight off the tee to score well.
Enjoy the 18th. Longest hole in the area that I know of.

It was a dog track fer sure and was operating on the edge of bankruptcy for years. Ironclad looks to have a interesting business model for it so will see what happens.

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he still has the same set he had, with the addition of a 56 degree wedge that someone here was kind enough to send him

if for whatever reason you are looking to donate your old set, or some of your old set or anything out of your old set, i am sure he would be thrilled to give them a new home!

we have a few spots left for anyone who wants to plan a last minute trip down to Aiken next weekend.


Just ordered my new iron set. Once they arrive I’ll DM you and we can figure out sending my old ones to him. Happy to help a fellow lefty out.

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That is really awesome man, thanks for thinking about him!

Ore importantly though, what did you just order?!?


Anytime, happy to help. And I just fit got into the Callaway Apex forged irons with some slight modifications. Absolutely cannot wait to hit these things haha.

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Glad to see Victoria Hills in Florida on your list. For a public course, its a real gem!

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Thats the one

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I got a couple spots open on Saturday at 1:30 for the cardinal if anyone is looking to play

Good one here y’all…

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That’s a nice looking course. Do you actually have to be a member of CGA? I’m on their mailing list but haven’t actually joined.

Edited-can’t type today.

i was just getting ready to post that…i would highly recommend everyone take advantage of that shit

you should give it a try first, but if not, then you should get a membership and take advantage of that deal

Very good course. I’ve picked up these in the past but don’t recall having to enter my GHIN during checkout . Maybe, just can’t remember.

i might buy way too many of these